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Many times I get accused of trying to impose impossible or unrealistic “standards” on a hugely subjective performing art — stand-up comedy with my Comedy Evaluator Pro software.

For the record, I haven’t managed to set a single standard when it comes to stand-up comedy, comedians getting big and frequent laughs on stage or how they manage to do it.

Headliner comedians over many decades have already set the standards of “funny” for comedians to emulate and strive for.

Those “standards” of funny remain solid today among a new generation of talented comedians who also have the skill to slay an audience with their own brand of stand-up comedy.

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The only thing I have managed to do is develop a process to measure and quantify what headliner comedians are able to do, which is 100% verifiable:

1. Headline comedians usually generate 4-6+ substantial laughs per minute. By doing that…

2. Headline comedians generate a minimum average of 18+ seconds of laughter for each performing minute (PAR Score 30+).

3. Comedy star level comedians seem to work in the 24+ seconds of laughter per minute range (PAR Score 40+). This increase in PAR Score is related to the larger audiences that comedy stars tend to perform for.

These highly talented individuals were able to achieve these significant milestones for decades before Comedy Evaluator Pro was born and will continue to reach these performance benchmarks with or without the use of my software for decades to come.

All I have done as far as any kind of “standard” goes is that I have merely aligned a headline comedian’s measurable laughter generation skill and ability with some simple and objective metrics — no matter what content, delivery style, etc. a comedian uses.

It only takes some headline comedian recordings, finger and toes for counting and a stopwatch to come up the same numbers I did – over and over again – to see for yourself what a headliner level comedian is capable of, night after night when it comes to making an audience howl with laughter.

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So, no — I haven’t managed to set any standards in stand-up comedy I’m afraid. Talented stand-up comedians were doing that, one audience at a time long before I was even born.

But I do think it is very valuable to know where you stand when it comes to the effectiveness of your stand-up comedy as compared to what headline comedians are able to achieve — again, regardless of content, delivery style, etc.

If you have ever driven a car where the gas gauge didn’t work, you will understand exactly what I am talking about.

In football, it would be difficult to score a touchdown if you couldn’t see the goal line or knew where it really was.

In stand-up comedy, the goal line has always been there, established by many successful comedians before you.

All I have done with Comedy Evaluator Pro is help make that established goal line a little clearer to see — and achieve.

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