Improve Your Chances Of Success As A New Comedian:

If anyone is truly interested in finding out if the Killer Stand-up Comedy System (now provided in an online course format) is a scam or if Steve Roye (me) is some kind of stand-up comedy scam artist (which seriously cracks me up)…

Here’s what you may want to take a close look at to determine that for yourself:

1. First, click here to check out what qualifies me to even talk about stand-up comedy, much less teach anything about it.

Here is a 1 minute YouTube video of one of my performances later on in my stand-up comedy career:

Note: There were only 50-60 people in the room at the Punchline in San Francisco for that particular show. I could perform at that level for 75-90 minutes without breaking a sweat in rooms far bigger than the Punchline – and I did it for years.

I challenge you to find any so-called comedy expert that can produce a single video of them killing on stage AND can actually teach you how they did it and how you can do it too.

2. What I have to offer in the way of stand-up comedy education is at college level, not elementary school or junior high school level.

It’s extensive — based on 11 years of experience as a headline comedian, is evidenced by real results and cannot be found in any other book or resource on the planet.

If you want a handout — ask the government. If you want a solid education in ANYTHING, it actually costs money — including the books that go with that education.

If you don’t agree with that, then I guess that would make education offered from the community college level to the Ivy League college level scam operations too…

3. A stand-up comedy “scam artist” doesn’t typically put a section on their home page that basically says this:

If you don’t have baseline comedy talent to start with, what I have to offer WON’T help you.

Mine does, for those who don’t need a “Hooked on Phonics” course to read the entire page. If that sounds mean, then you haven’t gotten dozens and dozens of emails over the years like this:

“I ned hep to no how to rite comidy gooder.” Note: Folks who write me emails like that need assistance that is beyond what I can offer and I sincerely feel badly for them.

For the record: I am absolutely unwilling to tarnish my 20 years of honorable service as a military veteran who has been to war with any sort of “scam” type business activity online — especially when it comes to leading untalented and unfunny people to falsely believe that they even have a snowball’s chance in hell that they have a chance at becoming a successful comedian. End of story.

4. It seems kind of counter productive for a “scam artist” to publish articles that would actually scare a potential customer away like these:

Excuses To Cover Up A Lack Of Stand-up Comedy Talent And Skill

Still Trying To Figure Out How To “Write” Punchlines Out Of Thin Air? Now That’s Funny

False Perceptions About Stand-up Comedy New And Prospective Comedians Should Know

Hint: These articles are designed specifically to keep talentless people away from my system and course (which won’t help them anyway) and away from stand-up comedy. Period.

There are already plenty of people like this who have no business on the stand-up comedy stage, lamely trying to become comedians.

5. Contact these folks directly and ask them if they think I’m a scam artist.

I know that I have a number of critics and I completely understand why.

I’m swimming in a sea of so-called stand-up comedy “experts” who couldn’t even begin to find their own ass with a 50 man working party when it comes to teaching others with comedy talent how to develop stand-up comedy material that works for them on an individual basis.

So here’s what I propose (be careful, this is the ultimate scam artist ploy): 🙂

Get your hands on some of these books on writing stand-up comedy (you can usually get these used for cheap).

Put what those “conventional” stand-up comedy books have to offer into practice for a FULL 6 months. Oh heck, go ahead and make it a FULL year.

After that, if you have real comedy talent and get tired of sucking on stage like the masses do who have reviewed all the “conventional” stand-up comedy books and comedy workshops…

Come back and give the Killer Stand-up Online Course a more serious look.

Hint: There’s not another so-called stand-up comedy teacher that I know of who will make that same offer for folks to use my materials first before checking out their own. FYI.

Fair enough?

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