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There are 5 free stand-up comedy lessons available for public review in the Killer Stand-up Online Course — no sign-up is required.

In this article, I want to provide a brief overview of what is included in those comedy lessons and…

At the bottom of this article is a link where you can also get free access to two complete audio downloads that you may want to review now — especially if you are new to stand-up comedy.

Free Comedy Lessons Overview

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Comedy Lesson #1: Problems With Joke Writing

Many people are under the false impression that stand-up comedy material is “written” much like a book report or short story.

In the first comedy lesson, I included the transcripts of two very popular comedians, along with the brief videos of these comedians performing the bits that were transcribed.

The purpose of this lesson is to illustrate that there is a significant difference between trying to “write” something funny by simply using words and sentences and structuring what you want to say on stage.

Comedy Lesson #2: Why Joke Formulas Don’t Work

In the second comedy lesson, you will discover what joke formulas really are and why they simply don’t work to help someone develop stand-up comedy material that actually works.

Hint: If you are a naturally funny person in everyday life, you already use “formulas” that are specific to you and your sense of humor.

Comedy Lesson #3: The Truth About Set-up Lines And Punchlines

There are two main points in this comedy lesson:

  • Being able to identify set-up lines and punchlines in your stand-up comedy material is only of value once you have what you want to say on stage written down and properly structured for brevity and punchline frequency
  • Simply knowing the academic definitions of a set-up line and a punchline is worthless when it comes to developing stand-up comedy material that generates laughs

Comedy Lesson #4: Why You Don’t Need A Special Stand-up Comedy Character

In this comedy lesson, the differences between acting and stand-up comedy are identified and explains why you DON’T need to develop a special character in order to be funny on stage.

Hint: If you are a naturally funny person, you are already a unique character – one that is already developed and proven.

Comedy Lesson #5: Your Comedy Mindset

Believe it or not, much of an individual’s success as a comedian is directly related to the mindset they have.

This last comedy lesson explores the specific mindset issues that can adversely affect an individual’s progress as a comedian.

Click here to access all 5 free online lessons.

Optional Downloads

As I mentioned above, there are two free audio downloads waiting for your review at that are a part of the Stand-up Comedy Secrets For Beginners downloadable audio series.



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