Improve Your Chances Of Success As A New Comedian:

If someone were to ask me how to write stand-up comedy material…

You might be surprised to find out that I would give them this stand-up comedy tip…

I wouldn’t try to “write” anything — at least not the way most people think of writing (which is in the literal sense the way virtually all comedy books, workshops and courses say to do).

In this article I want to touch upon the most common issues associated with trying to “write” a stand-up comedy routine and provide an overview of a much more effective approach to producing stand-up comedy material that will actually generate laughs when delivered to an audience.

So the big stand-up comedy tip for this article is this:

If you are trying to learn how to write stand-up comedy material, don’t try to write it in a literary fashion. Don’t try to pluck what may be funny out of thin air from a blank piece of paper.

Be yourself and learn how to effectively use, structure and harness the well developed comedy talent and sense of humor that you already have.

Learn how to identify, structure and edit what you want to say and express on stage (in the most compact and efficient way possible that is natural for you) and to ensure you have the punchline frequency you need to slay audiences when you perform.

That is by far the most “organic” way to produce stand-up comedy material that has the best possible chance of getting the laughs you want when you hit the stage.

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