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Leading stand-up comedy educator and trainer, providing proven 21st century strategies and techniques for individuals who wish to become comedians on a professional level. For a detailed stand-up comedy resume go to: Steve Roye's Stand-up Resume.

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question-ccsThere’s a pretty good chance that you have landed on this page looking for the best comedy topics — for a speech, presentation or a stand-up comedy routine.

Note: The comedy mechanics used to generate laughter in a casual conversation, a speech or a stand-up comedy routine are exactly the same — only the content structure is a different for each.

So, let’s get to the burning question…

Is there such a thing as a best comedy topic?

Well, you might be surprised to know that.. Read the rest of this entry

no-flip-flopsIf you really want to understand why most new comedians struggle needlessly to get the laughs they need to progress as a comedian…

You need only make this obvious observation about running or jogging which is:

You never see anyone running or jogging wearing flip flops.

Despite the fact that running shoes and flip flops have the exact same basic functionality (to protect and cushion the feet), everybody knows that flip flops are simply not the right footwear for running or jogging – running shoes are.

How does this relate to stand-up comedy? Here’s how: Read the rest of this entry

laughing-face2Since many people consider getting involved in stand-up comedy because they have the ability to cause others to laugh in everyday conversations with relative ease…

I have some specific questions you may want to review regarding the comedy talent you have right now. Let’s get started:

Are you planning to use the comedy talent you have already developed or are you planning to develop some sort of different comedy talent for stand-up comedy? Read the rest of this entry