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qmarksThe vast majority of comedians start out performing at local comedy club open mic nights or other comedy open mic venues.

If you are in the process of considering jumping into stand-up comedy…

One of things I would recommend that you do is talk with the new comedians who are currently participating in comedy open mics.

Below is a list of 7 questions you may want to ask other open mic comedians as you gather some basic information about the stand-up comedy scene in your area…
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no-flip-flopsIf you really want to understand why most new comedians struggle needlessly to get the laughs they need to progress as a comedian…

You need only make this obvious observation about running or jogging which is:

You never see anyone running or jogging wearing flip flops.

Despite the fact that running shoes and flip flops have the exact same basic functionality (to protect and cushion the feet), everybody knows that flip flops are simply not the right footwear for running or jogging – running shoes are.

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If you found this article as a result of looking for information on how to write punchlines, answer this important question before you continue:

How did you write punchlines that generated laughs before you started looking for information about writing punchlines?

I ask because if you have used (and are using) your sense of humor and comedy talent to cause others to laugh in common, everyday conversations — then you have already been producing and delivering powerful punchlines that have worked to get laughs for years. Read the rest of this entry

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