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friends-laughingOne of the things that people who are considering stand-up comedy want before they start is some sort of assurance that they have what it takes to succeed as a comedian.

Subsequently, they may use this justification as a basis to get started:

“My friends think I’m funny.”

Is that a sign that a person has the comedy talent they need to do well as a comedian? Maybe yes and maybe no. Read the rest of this entry

In the mad dash to “write” just the right words, sentences and phrases (jokes) that are going to make an audience howl with laughter…

Many new comedians overlook the most powerful laughter generation aspect of stand-up comedy, which is delivery…

NOT the words written on paper or merely spoken per se.

When I speak of delivery, I am more specifically talking about… Read the rest of this entry

During my comedy career I performed many bar gigs that were great.

I performed at many others during my stand-up comedy career that didn’t quite make it into that category.

Every bar gig I ever performed at was arranged or set up by another comedian. Most of the time it was a more experienced comedian that set up the show.

Other times it was newer comedians who set up the show who were either looking for another avenue for stage time or to make a some money from the endeavor. Read the rest of this entry

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