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premium-articlesBig Value. Tiny Price.

If you are looking for information about becoming a stand-up comedian that is a bit more “meaty”, you may want to take a close look at the Premium Articles that are available now.

Currently, registered Members can access the 25 Premium Articles below for a full 30 days for a one time registration fee of just $1.99 (no recurring billing):


Why are you offering Premium Articles?

Premium articles are offered as a way to provide more detailed information to individuals who are seriously considering taking a shot at stand-up comedy or for those who are new comedians who may be struggling to make headway.

More that anything else, I want folks who are new to stand-up comedy to have an advantage in the game — right from the start.

Subsequently, Premium Articles are password protected. By using a membership system, I am able to change Premium Article passwords on a regular basis and inform Members of password changes without having to send email every time that happens (passwords to Premium Articles are provided in the Members Area).

Premium Article Members need only login to the Members Area to get the most current passwords for all Premium Articles.

The one time registration fee seems ridiculously low. What’s the deal — will I get a bunch of junk email?

The very low registration fee simply helps defray the cost of managing and maintaining the membership system.

Unless a Premium Article Member has signed up for my newsletter (which is separate from the membership), members will only receive email when new Premium articles are added or there are major changes to the membership.

How long do I have access to the Premium Articles once I register?

Once registered, members have Premium Article access for a full 30 days.

After 30 days, Members can still login and register for an additional 30 days of Premium Article access as needed or desired at a discount.

Before You Decide To Become A Member

scrutinizeIf you are new to this blog there are a couple of things that I would recommend that you do before you decide to register as a Premium Article Member:

1. Check out the other articles available on this blog. There are over 150 public access articles that are available for your review. You need only look at the Related Article links at the bottom of any article to find them all.

2. Take a look at what qualifies me as a stand-up comedy educator. Click here to review my comedy resume, bio and more.

The reason I make these recommendations is because what I have to offer in the way of stand-up comedy education — even the most basic and foundational information provided on this blog — is NOT the standard “pluck something funny out of the air, write 50 jokes a day on paper and make sure it’s funny” type of nonsense that continues to be prevalent among those who want to make a go at becoming a comedian.

Subsequently, what I have to offer in the way of stand-up comedy information may not meet your expectations. To fully understand what I am talking about, check out this public access article:

Why I Recommend New Comedians Do This First…

However if you are open to a different perspective when it comes to stand-up comedy and you want to check out the Premium Articles that are available now…

How To Register For Premium Article Access

1. If you are a NEW MEMBER, use the registration link below. Your Premium Article registration payment will be securely processed by PayPal for $1.99 (no PayPal account is required).

IMPORTANT: If you are a RETURNING MEMBER, do not use the registration link below. Simply log in and use the registration link in the Members Area for a discount to extend your Premium Article access for an additional 30 days.

2. Once your registration payment has been processed, you will be redirected to a special Member Registration page to establish your Premium Article Member account.

3. Upon establishing your Member account, you will get immediate access to the passwords required for Premium Article access for a full 30 days.

New Member Registration
$1.99 For 30 Days Access
One Time Payment — Not Recurring