You Found My Secret Page!

secret-page1Whenever someone tries to get to an article or other resource on this blog that is no longer available…

They land on this secret page.

Now since you didn’t get to where you wanted to be and ended up here, I want to provide you access to a couple of things that are simply NOT available to the typical blog visitor:

1. “Cut To The Chase” Time Savers (Free)

If you are new to this blog then you are looking for information about developing a stand-up comedy act or becoming a comedian, right?

Well, there are a mountain of articles on this blog available for you to review. Where do you even begin to start?

Let me save you some time since what I have to offer is NOT your typical “write jokes and make sure they are funny” type of worthless nonsense that you find online.

I have personally selected the 5 articles below that I believe will allow you to quickly determine if what I have to offer on this blog is worth further exploration (no password or membership required for access — opens in a new window):

2. Private Link For Discount Premium Article Membership (Crazy Cheep)

premium-articlesIf you would like to become a Premium Article Member, you can do that for just $1.99 (one time payment for 30 days of access, not recurring) using the special password below:

Special Password: now37


1. At the very bottom of the Premium Article page you will see a section titled Admin Use.

2. Enter the special password (now37) in the box provided and click the Unlock button.

3. Scroll back down to the very bottom of the page (if that doesn’t happen automatically after the unlock) and you will see a private New Member Discount Registration link displayed.

The special password for this offer is changed frequently. FYI.

I hope that helps in some way and thanks for spending some of your valuable time looking at what I have to offer on this blog!

Steve Roye