tap-into-talent2If you are trying to discover the techniques to somehow “write” a stand-up comedy act that actually works to generate big laughs…

Please allow me to offer an alternative perspective that may be of immense value to you — especially if you want to have a significant advantage over other new comedians when you enter the world of stand-up comedy.

And that perspective is this: you already have much of what you need to develop a powerful stand-up comedy act very quickly if you will use and apply all of your comedy talent right from the start of the process. Read the rest of this entry

difficult2If you were in a room with 20 accomplished comedians and asked the question:

Can stand-up comedy be learned?

I would be willing to bet that half (if not more) of them would say no, stand-up comedy cannot be learned.

And it would be at that point that I would have to respectfully disagree and here’s why: Read the rest of this entry

forumI often wonder how many people have trusted the information they acquired from stand-up comedy forums to take a shot at stand-up comedy.

I suspect the number is staggering. I also suspect that the number of folks who couldn’t get past comedy open mics using the information garnered from stand-up comedy forums is equally as staggering.

Based on my own personal experience on a number well established stand-up comedy forums over the years…

I can tell you from a professional perspective that I am not a fan of stand-up comedy forums. Let me explain why I say that… Read the rest of this entry

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