Improve Your Chances Of Success As A New Comedian:

comedian-challengesI think just about every new comedian will agree that coming up with that first solid and tight 3-5 minute set that kills virtually every time is the hurdle that presents the biggest single challenge for new comedians.

While 3-5 minutes may seem like a very small amount of performing time, it can seem like an eternity to the new comedian who is generating little or no laughter with their stand-up comedy routine. Read the rest of this entry

qmarksThe vast majority of comedians start out performing at local comedy club open mic nights or other comedy open mic venues.

If you are in the process of considering jumping into stand-up comedy…

One of things I would recommend that you do is talk with the new comedians who are currently participating in comedy open mics.

Below is a list of 7 questions you may want to ask other open mic comedians as you gather some basic information about the stand-up comedy scene in your area…
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question-ccsThere’s a pretty good chance that you have landed on this page looking for the best comedy topics — for a speech, presentation or a stand-up comedy routine.

Note: The comedy mechanics used to generate laughter in a casual conversation, a speech or a stand-up comedy routine are exactly the same — only the content structure is a different for each.

So, let’s get to the burning question…

Is there such a thing as a best comedy topic?

Well, you might be surprised to know that.. Read the rest of this entry

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