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Didn’t Get What You Wanted When You Took That Stand-up Comedy Class Or Workshop? Here’s Why…

Then you know that I am usually NOT a fan of stand-up comedy classes or workshops as far as what they have to offer in the realm of showing individuals how to develop and deliver high level stand-up comedy material that actually works on an individual-by-individual basis.

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Many people who make the decision to tackle stand-up comedy make what appears to be a logical decision to help them progress quickly, which is to take a stand-up comedy class or workshop.

And most of the time, they end up sorely disappointed with the results (or rather the lack of results) once they have completed the class or workshop.

Why is that? I can tell you exactly why that happens.
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You need only attend any stand-up comedy open mic anywhere in the world to experience this fact for yourself:

Anyone can suck at stand-up comedy.

Because of that fact, it should be very easy to understand why so many opportunities are available for those who don’t suck at stand-up comedy.

But the real question is:

Why do so many people suck at stand-up comedy — in many cases for years?
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