Improve Your Chances Of Success As A New Comedian:

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One of the very first things a prospective comedian should do is to find out where every possible performing opportunity is in their area.

The reason I say that is because without audiences to perform for, it is basically impossible to develop a stand-up comedy routine. Read the rest of this entry

Another question that seems to come up from time to time is this:

Is there any way to bypass stand-up comedy open mic nights?

The answer is yes, but there’s a bit more involved than meets the eye.

Let me start with this: Read the rest of this entry

If you have been involved in stand-up comedy for any period of time, you may have asked yourself:

How do I get paid as a comedian?

Usually, there is a considerable amount of no pay work involved as a comedian when it comes to taking the traditional path of only using comedy club open mics in order to develop a stand-up comedy routine that results in a payday – even a small one.
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