Is The Killer Stand-up Online Course A Scam? Is Steve Roye A Scam Artist? Now THAT’S A JOKE…

If anyone is truly interested in finding out if the Killer Stand-up Online Course (now provided in an online course format) is some sort of scam or if Steve Roye (me) is some kind of stand-up comedy scam artist (which seriously cracks me up)…

Here are some things that you may want to take a close look at to determine that for yourself:

1. First of all please note that I have been selling Killer Stand-up educational materials globally since 2001.

It would be virtually impossible to stay in business that long (particularly with social media available today) if there were any type of “scammy” sorts of things involved with my websites or the content that I provide.

2. Next, click here to check out what qualifies me to even talk about stand-up comedy, much less teach anything about it.

Note: There are a number of people who teach stand-up comedy classes and workshops who have either 1.) Never been on stage as a comedian or 2.) Attempted stand-up comedy, sucked at it and decided to teach it instead.

Here is a 1 minute YouTube video of one of my performances later on in my stand-up comedy career:

Note: There were only about 50-60 people in the room at the Punchline in San Francisco for that particular show. I could perform at that level for 75-90 minutes without breaking a sweat in rooms far bigger than the Punchline – and I did it for years.

I challenge you to find any so-called comedy expert that can produce a single video of them killing on stage AND can actually teach you how they did it and how you can do it too.

3. What I have to offer in the way of stand-up comedy education is at college level, not elementary school or junior high school level.

It’s extensive — based on 11 years of experience as a headline comedian, is evidenced by real results and cannot be found in any other book or resource on the planet.

If you want a handout — ask the government. If you want a solid education in ANYTHING, it actually costs money — including the books that go with that education.

If you don’t agree with that, then I guess that would make education offered from the community college level to the Ivy League college level scam operations too…

4. A stand-up comedy “scam artist” doesn’t typically put a section on their website that basically says this:

If you don’t have baseline comedy talent to start with, what I have to offer WON’T help you.

Mine does, for those who don’t need a “Hooked on Phonics” course to read the site. If that sounds mean, then you haven’t gotten dozens and dozens of emails over the years like this:

“I ned hep to no how to rite comidy gooder.”

Folks who write me emails like that need assistance that is beyond what I can offer and I sincerely feel badly for them.

For the record: I am absolutely unwilling to tarnish my 20 years of honorable service as a military veteran who has been to war with any sort of “scam” type business activity online — especially when it comes to leading untalented and unfunny people to falsely believe that they even have a snowball’s chance in hell that they have a chance at becoming a successful comedian. End of story.

5. It seems kind of counter productive for a “scam artist” to publish articles that would actually scare a potential customer away like these:

    Hint: These type of articles are designed specifically to keep talentless people away from my system and course (which won’t help them anyway) and away from stand-up comedy. Period.

    There are already plenty of people like this who have no business on the stand-up comedy stage, lamely trying to become comedians.

    6. Contact anyone who has provided a testimonial on my website directly and ask them if they think I’m a scam artist.

    I know that I have a number of critics and I completely understand why.

    I amm swimming in a sea of so-called stand-up comedy “experts” who couldn’t even begin to find their own ass with both hands when it comes to teaching others with comedy talent how to develop stand-up comedy material that works for them on an individual basis.

    So here’s what I propose (be careful, this is the ultimate scam artist ploy): 🙂

    Get your hands on some of these popular books on writing stand-up comedy (#ad link – you can usually get these used for cheap).

    Put what those “conventional” stand-up comedy books have to offer into practice for a FULL 6 months. Oh heck, go ahead and make it a FULL year.

    After that, if you have real comedy talent and you get tired of sucking on stage like the masses do who have reviewed all the “conventional” stand-up comedy books and comedy workshops…

    Come back and give the Killer Stand-up Online Course a more serious look.

    Hint: There’s not another so-called stand-up comedy teacher that I know of who will make that same offer for folks to use my materials first before checking out their own. FYI.

    Fair enough?

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    2 Replies to “Is The Killer Stand-up Online Course A Scam? Is Steve Roye A Scam Artist? Now THAT’S A JOKE…”

    1. I haven’t dove into the course yet, but anyone with a couple brain cells should be able to see That you are not trying to get rich off burning comedians.

      I feel like this free blog is systematically taking me from kindergarden comedy all the way through high school, preparing me for the more difficult processes in the college level paid course.

      If you sign up for a college course, there are PREREQUSITES that are required so the teacher knows you are ready for the material. Those of you who attempt to dive right into the paid course without an understanding of a few simple concepts are setting yourselves up for failure.

      Steve provides so much free information that is just as good, and most often better than what I got out of numerous books. And it’s all in one place! It’s like Steve has given us a free study guide or cheat sheet if you will for new (& old doing the hard way) comics looking to get a head start on the industry.

      I’m still studying the free blog material even though I know I will buy the course. Why? Becuase the information I continue to find is very relevant and pertinent to my goal of being a successful stand up headliner.

      Steve makes it plainly obvious that his system is no Holy Grail for any slub who thinks they are funny.

      I’m sure Steve doesn’t lose any sleep at night worrying about whether or not you are being decietful or dishonest. You are clearly trying to help, and I for one, am very greatful.

    2. I have found Steve’s website both honest and insightful, his information is clear, concise and straight to the point. And in my opinion he won’t suffer fools gladly. The only way his information could be misunderstood or misconstrued to be a scam is by someone with unrealistic expectations.

      In my dealings with Steve I have found him to be hard but fair, probably due to his military background. You can’t ask for any more than that. If there were more honest people like Steve in the world and less bullshitters the world would be a better place for it!!!

      I have always liked to make people laugh, and started doing Stand Up in March 2010 taking a course first and signing up to Steve’s website. Thanks to his info, I have my first paid gig coming up on 25th September.

      So Thank You Steve and keep up the great work!!!