What President Obama And Glenn Beck Both Have In Common

I don’t get into political ideologies or differences when I write about those who are in politics. I write from the perspective of the effective and powerful use/delivery of an individual’s sense of humor and its influential impact.

Whether or not I agree with the President Obama’s approach to leadership and governance, like many others I have written before about his well developed and powerful sense of humor. He has warmly been described as the “Comic in Chief”.

Like him or not, the President has the gift of funny.

Another funny and very public man — considered by many as a nemesis of sorts to the President — is a rising entertainer/educator named Glenn Beck, who recently attracted hundreds of thousands of people to a rally in Washington D.C. and has a popular TV program on the Fox News Channel.

At a casual glance, one might say that President Obama and Glenn Beck have absolutely nothing in common except possible mutual disdain for one another.

I pay attention to both the President and Beck — but not for reasons that would be readily apparent to most.

And the amazing similarity that I see in both men is that…

Both men have extreme passion and are able to make what could arguably be some of the most boring information one could possibly talk about moving, memorable and entertaining.

They both effectively drive their messages home using humor and comedy.

President Obama skillfully used his sense of humor recently during speeches about the the need for economic improvement, using funny and pointed lines effectively demonizing the Republicans regarding “driving a car in the ditch, then wanting the keys back.” It was a funny and a hard hitting political positioning tactic.

But usually, the words “economic improvement” and “funny entertainment” simply don’t fit well together. However when they do effectively, the result can be a very powerful, moving and memorable message.

If you have ever watched the Glenn Beck program, he basically teaches government and political history in a fun and entertaining way. He or his program is nothing like I thought it would be as described and often vilified by most news media outlets.

Government and political history usually rates with talking about “economic improvement” as far as shear “fun factor” is concerned — I believe it more closely rates along the lines of trying to read the encyclopedia as far as entertainment value goes.

But Beck’s passion for the topic, range of characters, hilarious characterizations and effective use of sarcasm and comedy makes his information clear, powerful and easy to remember.

Both the President and Beck also share another powerful trait that top live entertainers also have which is:

They are both confident and at home — completely fearless — when speaking to their audiences, both live and on TV, which greatly adds to the impact of the comedy and humor they use to drive home a message, information or point of view.

Despite their political and ideological differences, I strongly believe that both of these talented men have developed and will continue to maintain a tremendous influence with their respective audiences as a direct result of their passion and being able to effectively use comedy and humor to communicate their messages in a very powerful and meaningful way.

What can I say? I’m trained to look at comedy talent — real talent that can cause an audience to respond (laughter) — no matter what’s coming out of their mouths. They’re called comedians…

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