Startling Revelation: Nope, Telepathic Laughter Doesn’t Count In Stand-up Comedy

Let’s have a bit of fun, shall we?

I have come to the conclusion that comedians who can’t seem to get the laughs they want when they hit the stage are making one of three possible assumptions:

  • The audience is simply laughing hard “on the inside” in their mind and not expressing it loudly so others can hear them or…
  • The audience is laughing hard telepathically but the comedian just doesn’t have the telepathic skill to receive this kind of communication but knows it is happening or…
  • There’s a combination of both of these conditions at play and the comedian knows that they are killing on stage, it’s just that there’s simply no detectable audible or visible laughter reaction from the audience.

So for the purposes of this particular article, I have decided to cover the most difficult of the possible scenarios above, which is that the audience is telepathically laughing and the comedian simply has not yet developed the telepathic skill to receive those audience laughter communications.

I told you up front this was going to be a hoot, so let me start with this:

Telepathy is a very real skill that currently only a relative few can presently use and engage others with.

So, the chances that an entire stand-up comedy audience would be telepathic (and laughing telepathically) would be somewhat slim at best at this particular point in time.

Laughter is a physical response to something that is perceived as funny or hilarious. Let me put this another way…

People can “mentally” determine if something said is amusing, intriguing or interesting.

But laughter, and I am talking about “burst out loud” laughter…

Well, that is simply not contained to some sort of internal brain activity — it is an AUDIBLE and VISIBLE reaction to something that causes such a response that is considered funny or hilarious.

On top of that…

Laughter is a shared physical response, one that is AUDIBLE and VISIBLE and provides no doubt that whatever was being said, expressed or otherwise communicated (verbally and non-verbally) was recognized and appreciated as being funny enough to cause such a response to occur.

But let’s go even further down the rabbit hole, shall we?

Many times in hilarious stand-up comedy performances, applause accompanies the big laughs.

Even with my limited knowledge, I know of no way to either laugh or applaud telepathically.

Now I could be entirely off base with what I have presented and will gladly change my position as I get guidance from actual human telepaths or from other worldly beings who are well versed in telepathy and who are willing and able to set me straight.

But until then, I am going to go out on a limb and say that if a comedian is not getting the AUDIBLE and VISIBLE laughs from audiences that they want from their stand-up comedy routine, then their stand-up comedy material is just not funny enough to warrant such laughter.

I fully realize that this may be difficult for those comedians who aren’t getting AUDIBLE and VISIBLE laughs to accept, but may I humbly suggest that you may want to use a different process that will get you the laughs you want, because at this particular juncture in Earth human history…

Telepathic audience laughs (whether you are able to receive them or not) just aren’t going to cut it if you want to go far as a comedian.

Special Recognition

I want to personally thank these folks for this fun article:

Sue Walker and Otter White who are real telepaths that I respect greatly.

The other worldly Sandia Mountain Crew whom I could not admire more and that I have learned a ton from.

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