Which Successful Comedians Have This Specific Trait?

Recently I stumbled across an interesting new program that I’m pretty excited about called Extrovert Me.

But I am not convinced that folks know what extroversion is or why it matters as a comedian (no, it’s not some sort of sexual fetish).

So, let’s test your knowledge.

Below are 4 YouTube stand-up comedy videos of comedians that you probably know or have heard of.

Note: It’s OK if you have never seen or heard of these comedians.

Watch a few moments of each of the video and decide which one of the comedians would be considered an extrovert.

It should only take you 10-20 seconds of review for each video to make a determination.

I will also tell you that these videos were specifically selected to contrast a variety of delivery styles that comedians use to deliver stand-up comedy material.

The answer to the question of which comedian is an extrovert follows the videos:

Stand-up Comedy Video #1: Jim Gaffigan

Stand-up Comedy Video #2: Margaret Smith

Stand-up Comedy Video #3: Brian Regan

Stand-up Comedy Video #4: Steven Wright

I would be willing to bet you probably picked stand-up comedy video #3 (Brian Regan) as the comedian who is the extrovert.

And if you did, you would be 1/4 correct because ALL successful comedians are extroverts, regardless of delivery “style”, “character” or the stage demeanor a comedian exhibits:

Extrovert: One who directs their interests outward or to things outside the self. An extrovert is a person who is energized by being around other people. This is the opposite of an introvert who is energized by being alone.

Being an extrovert has NOTHING to do with how animated or how deadpan an individual is, whether in everyday life or on the stand-up comedy stage.

Being an extrovert has EVERYTHING to do with expressing oneself with confidence.

And unlike some aspects of stand-up comedy which cannot be learned (ie: learning to develop baseline comedy talent that appeals to audiences)…

Expressing oneself with confidence CAN be learned and developed. I know this from firsthand experience because…

I personally learned to completely eliminate stage fright and boost my confidence on the stand-up comedy stage (which dramatically improved my performances, which resulted in more and more confidence).

And I did it using techniques similar (but not nearly as powerful) to those found in the Extrovert Me program.

That’s why I get excited about programs like that – I want comedians to experience the big laughs and the ultimate rush that comes with making audiences laugh hard.

Hint: Take a look at the research information from the various universities at the Extrovert Me website.

Find out for yourself why Steve Roye is a top stand-up comedy expert/trainer globally for both new and experienced comedians as well as for humorous speaking professionals.

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  1. Never mind. Looks like I misunderstood – you’re saying the Extrovert Me program is much more powerful than the techniques you used. Don’t know how I got that mixed up.