Political Jokes And Talking Politics In Stand-up Comedy Material

Every President Is The Butt Of Jokes

Because of the microscopic and relentless scrutiny involved, it doesn’t matter who holds the office of President of the United States — jokes can and will occur from every possible angle.

And every single President manages to contribute to the jokes made about them.

Here’s a video example of President Obama in action:

Former President George W. Bush in action:

About Political Humor As An Entertainer

These videos remind me of what I detailed in the Killer Stand-up Online Course when it comes to talking about anything on stage that can quickly and easily polarize an audience — which can also potentially crush a comedian’s ability to entertain.

Let me say this before you continue — I don’t get involved in political ideology when addressing political humor or stand-up comedy involving politics.

When I write about politics as it relates to stand-up comedy and humor, I do my very best to put my own political views aside and look at political humor from a comedian effectiveness and/or audience response perspective, regardless of political ideology, party affiliation or beliefs a comedian may have.

I am also acutely aware that while political humor can entertain in a big way, it can also cut deeply like a knife and easily offend, depending on the audience that a comedian’s political stand-up comedy material is being delivered to.

So, with that said — here are some very general, yet very important guidelines for those comedians who have the courage to tackle political humor in their stand-up comedy or who are considering taking on this difficult challenge:

Basic Political Humor Guidelines For Comedians

1. Political humor is usually not timeless. Unlike other comedy material, political issues, mistakes, processes etc. come and go with great frequency.

Translation: You must have the skill to constantly produce new comedy material relative to the current political environment.

2. If you don’t handle political humor smartly and with care, you run the risk of polarizing half or more of any given general audience at any given time.

Translation: If your political stand-up comedy material does not have fairly broad appeal that MOST of your audience can relate to (regardless of party affiliation or ideology), the effectiveness of your stand-up comedy material can be greatly reduced, if not eliminated altogether.

Exception: If you have a particular political ideology (ie: Liberal, Conservative) and you are performing for an audience that largely relates to that ideology, then you have more leeway in presenting your ideological viewpoint in your stand-up comedy material.

3. Know that stand-up comedy audiences are as smart or smarter than you are. They know the difference between entertainment and when a political or social viewpoint is simply being shoved upon them — regardless of their political party affiliations.

The Bottom Line

You must be smarter and more skilled than the average comedian to be able to tackle political or social issues in your stand-up comedy and still entertain an audience in the process.

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One Reply to “Political Jokes And Talking Politics In Stand-up Comedy Material”

  1. I don’t know why I thought my clean corporate comedy had to include politics. Clean comedy can be on anything, and as you stated, the political arena is ever changing and I don’t want to get any backlash from trying to do a joke and have it come off as offensive, which could polarize my audience. I’ll take a page from your book, and pass on politics. Heck, how could politics be clean comedy anyway? There’s always mudslinging going on! Hardy, Har, Har!