Introducing Killer Stand-up Comedian Sue Johnson

One of the questions I frequently get is this:

How fast can I make progress in stand-up comedy?

Well, if an individual can bring real comedy talent to the table, they can progress very quickly — if they have the drive, desire AND they actually know what they are doing when it comes to developing and delivering stand-up comedy material.

Let me introduce you to comedian Sue Johnson, a Rochester, Minnesota resident who at 54 years young decided to ditch her high paying job as a therapist and embark upon her long time dream of performing stand-up comedy beginning in April 2011.

Below you will find before and after videos of Sue Johnson, as well as an audio interview I did with Sue in late September 2011 (don’t miss the audio interview)…

The Before Video

Here is a 4 minute video of Sue taken shortly after starting in stand-up comedy recorded at Goonies Comedy Club in Rochester, Minnesota (less than 8 seconds of laughter per minute average with an audience of 70-80 people):

The After Video

Here is a video of Sue in action on the same stand-up comedy stage at Goonies Comedy Club in August 2011 — just 7 performances after consuming and applying the strategies and techniques provided in the Killer Stand-up Comedy System:

The audience size for this stand-up comedy performance was about the same (70-80 people). But the results were dramatic and measurable…

Here is a screen of the Comedy Evaluator Pro evaluation indicating that Sue was able to average a whopping 27 seconds of laughter for each performing minute (PAR Score 44) in the second video above:

My Phone Interview With Comedian Sue Johnson


Final Thoughts

Few things in life beat the feeling one gets when they make real progress in an endeavor. The same true in stand-up comedy.

I’ve said this before and it is certainly worth repeating:

Anyone who has real comedy talent AND knows what they are doing when it comes to developing and delivering stand-up comedy material on stage CAN make rapid progress in stand-up comedy.

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My special thanks goes out to comedian Sue Johnson (Flemke) for letting me post the before and after videos and for taking the time to do a phone interview with me. She is just getting started in her comedy adventures and I suspect she will go far.

If you would like to contact Sue, you can visit her on Facebook at:

Ask her if the Killer Stand-up Comedy System works… 🙂

Update: Sue emailed me after this article was published to say that she has started emcee work at Goonies. Apparently the owner of Goonies was impressed with her performance and she will be doing more emcee work in the future. WooHoo!

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3 Replies to “Introducing Killer Stand-up Comedian Sue Johnson”

  1. I commend you Sue for taking the leap into stand up at 54. I started at the age of 50 and have been performing stand up comedy for about five years now. I am impressed with all the information i have been gathering thus far regarding this Killer Stand up Comedy System. This is a remarkable tool for comedians at all levels. It confirms what I always believe its never to late to start doing stand up. Best wishes to you!

  2. This is great because I’m an ‘older lady’. Not quite 50 yet but still worrying that I’m coming into it too late. Inspiring!

  3. It’s cool to see how she progressed with virtually the same material after your course and tutoring. I’m no where near smooth on all my routines, and the progress she made is encouraging. I have been doing this as a hobby, but now I’m trying to progress to a paid performer. I look forward to recording my own progression and hope i can evolve with your help as she did! Great job SUE! Keep living your dream!