You Kill On Stage And You Got The Killer Video – Proof That You Seriously Rocked The House! Then This Happens…

Let’s assume for a moment that you’re a comedian, you hit the stage one night and manage to video a 5 minute set where you literally slay the audience at a level you have never experienced before.

I’m not talking about generating an average of 18 seconds laughter for each performing minute (minimum headliner performance level).

I’m talking about being ON FIRE – generating an average of 22-24+ seconds of audience laughter for each performing minute as evidenced by your video.

No one can deny you killed on stage — in a way that only a literal handful of comedians on the planet can accomplish because…

You have visible, undeniable proof of your performance — evidenced by the video you recorded.

Would you want to upload that stand-up comedy video to YouTube or other online service?

I sure would.

There’s no better proof of comedy skill or talent than a video of you killing an audience at maximum levels. Am I wrong?

Would you want to embed that video in your website or EPK (electronic press kit) for viewing agents, bookers and talent buyers?

Again, I sure would.

But what would you say if I told you that 30%-50% of the people who will ever look at the video you worked long and hard to get — the one that proves that you have exceptional stand-up comedy talent — WON’T think you are funny at all?

As a matter of fact, what would you say if I told you that…

Many comedians will look at your video and not only deem you extremely unfunny, but will also immediately identify you as a hack, not worthy of any consideration at all (that’s all the poser comedians know to do — either call you a hack or douche).

Would you like to know why this will happen (because it will — no matter how well you do on stage as a comedian) and what you need to do about it?

Pay close attention because I am about to share some information with you that will separate the amateurs from the professionals when it comes to stand-up comedy, especially as far as stand-up comedy videos are concerned…

It should be obvious, but frequent and lengthy laughter generation by ANY comedian during a LIVE performance is hugely dependent upon the presence of an audience — the bigger the audience, the better for a comedian with talent and skill.

I’ve said for years that a comedian need only cause half an audience to laugh because the other half will laugh because of the contagiousness of laughter in a closely seated environment.

Now let’s talk about what happens with a video of a comedian — any comedian — who kills on stage…

When somebody views a video of a stand-up comedy performance alone, they are engaged in individual viewership.

In other words…

Individual viewers of a stand-up comedy video don’t have the benefit of an audience dynamic.

And since audience laughter generated in a stand-up comedy video doesn’t carry over to an individual viewer and is completely ignored…

The determination by an individual viewer on whether or not a comedian is “funny” or not is made strictly upon a purely subjective determination based on the comedian’s material and the ability of the individual viewer to relate to, associate with, and appreciate the stand-up comedy material the comedian is delivering in the video.

Think about it – how many stand-up comedy videos have you watch of popular comedians or established headliner comedians and said:

This comedian sucks. They aren’t funny at all. (While completely ignoring the long and frequent laughs that comedian was generating for the LIVE audience they were performing for, as evidenced in their online video).

The Bottom Line

There are tons of “household name” comedians that I simply do not “like” on a subjective level — I simply don’t care for or appreciate the stand-up comedy material that they have to offer.

But as a stand-up comedy professional…

I would be just another amateur comedy poser to simply ignore the undeniable laughter levels that those comedians can produce for their audiences in the live performing environment.

It doesn’t matter how you measure it — with a hand-held stopwatch or using Comedy Evaluator Pro

ANY comedian who can generate an average of 18+ seconds of laughter per performing minute is on the very top of the stand-up comedy food chain, whether you “like” their stand-up comedy material from an online video or not.

But you need to expect people to make the same subjective determinations on your stand-up comedy when reviewing your videos.

And don’t be surprised when some folks are actually mean and ugly when commenting about your stand-up comedy videos.

And here’s what you do:

Ignore the idiots and amateurs who think they know what “funny” is based on a stand-up comedy video alone.

These folks are simpleton observers — NOT warriors on the stand-up comedy playing field.

Know that most agents, bookers and talents buyers are pros and “get it” when it comes to reviewing online videos when considering booking a comedian.

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And again, know in your heart and cherish the accomplishment of being able to generate an average of 18+ seconds of laughter per performing minute — no matter what anyone says because…

To reach that milestone is almost like being in the class of people who have climbed Mount Everest (not quite, but pretty darn close).

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