Want To Know How Funny Your Stand-up Comedy Act Really Is?

comedy evaluator proIf you are a comedian and you have a smartphone, you have the capability to know just how funny your stand-up comedy routine really is. And better yet…

It doesn’t cost you dime to find out. Here’s the deal…

One of the things that many comedians (especially new comedians) struggle with is knowing how well their stand-up comedy material is working.

Much of that has to do with the lack of any real objective information they get from other comedians (or audience members for that matter).

Most of the feedback a comedian will get about their act from other comedians goes something like this:

“Good set” or “Great set”
“Need some work on (fill in part of act here)
“Might want to try (fill in advice here)
“Better luck next time”,

Besides a lack of specificity, feedback from other comedians can be hugely inaccurate. What do I mean by that? Here’s what I mean..

Other comedians will tell you that you had a “good set” when that wasn’t the case at all. They can also say something like “getting better” when you actually slayed the room.

Keep this in mind — most comedians (particularly new comedian see every other comedian as “the competition” or arch rivals vying for the same limited spots in any stand-up comedy show or line up.

Subsequently, they have no vested interest providing you any real information that will help you to improve or succeed in your comedy efforts.

But if you have a smartphone, you can easily get solid and objective information about your stand-up comedy act such as:

  • The number of laughs you generated for each minute of your performance
  • The length of each laugh you generated during your performance
  • Overall performance score

Here’s how you do it at no cost to you…

The first thing you will need is an audio recording of your act. Every smartphone either has this capability built-in and if not, a free app is available that will allow you to record audio on your phone.

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Next, head over to Comedy Evaluator Pro and sign up for a free 3 week trial — no credit card is needed.

Comedy Evaluator Pro is a web page based software application that is mobile device ready. There’s no app to download and install. You just login with your phone to use it.

If you can operate just two buttons while listening to your recorded stand-up act, you can generate a detailed evaluation report that will tell you:

  • The number of laughs you generated for each minute of your performance
  • The length of each laugh you generated during your performance
  • Your overall performance score for the set you evaluated

What I am talking about is “hard” data about what actually happened during your performance — not some subjective feedback that usually has no value at all.

But more importantly, if you know how to use the information produced by Comedy Evaluator Pro, you can pinpoint specific areas in your act for adjustment or improvement like:

  • The minutes of your act that have too few punchlines or the set-ups that are too long before the punchlines
  • Punchlines that aren’t working well enough and need adjustment
  • Punchlines that ARE working well and should NOT be adjusted
  • The parts of your act that need attention and improvement first

Armed with this type of information, a comedian could have a significant edge over other comedians who are simply engaging in trial and error and guessing about what’s really happening once they hit the stage.

Now if you feel that having access to this sort of objective information would be of benefit to you, here’s my recommendation:

Don’t sign up for the Comedy Evaluator Pro free trial until you have an audio recording you can evaluate first.

That way you can squeeze out the maximum benefit from the Comedy Evaluator Pro 21 day free trial once you do have the recording of your act on your phone to evaluate.

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Not only that, it will only take you 6-10 minutes to find out just what’s really going on with your act (3-5 minutes to get the audio recording, 3-5 minutes to do an evaluation using Comedy Evaluator Pro).

Comedy Evaluation Software | Audience Response Measurement - The Ultimate Evaluation Software For Comedians
Home page for Comedy Evaluator Pro - the unique software that can determine just how funny a comedian is when delivering stand-up comedy material.

Here’s the bottom line:

Using your smartphone, you can easily find out just how well your stand-up comedy act is working, what parts are working well and to prioritize what parts need adjustment for bigger laughs.

You won’t get that kind of objective and detailed information from other comedians and the best part of all — it won’t cost you one thin dime to find out.


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