Bombing On Stage: A Revealing, MUST SEE Video Example

I went to and did a search using the term bad stand-up comedy and I was kind of amazed at what I found.

Below is a video of an unfunny comedian who gets very few laughs in his set and is an obvious flop on stage.

It’s called bombing in the world of stand-up comedy and this guy was pretty darn good at it.

But here’s what’s truly amazing…

This was only one of a TON of videos I found on YouTube of comedians bombing. Certainly not an optimal situation for any comedian I would say.

Below is a brief video of a comedian bombing on stage at the Washington D.C. Improv comedy club.

Before I comment on the video, I want to make it clear that I have the greatest respect for anyone who has the nerve to get on stage, put their sense of humor on the line and risk public humiliation in order to realize their dreams of being a comedian.

Many people who dream of becoming a comedian don’t have the spine to get as far as the man in this video.

But with that said, here is the video and my comments follow:

1. It is very obvious that the individual in the video tried to deliver “paper written jokes” contrived from thin air, most of which didn’t have punchlines that worked (he’s holding the paper with his “jokes” on it if that’s clue).

That’s a kind way of saying the “jokes” simply weren’t funny.

2. It is also obvious to me that this individual spent zero time rehearsing prior to stepping onto that stage (at the beginning of this video, he can’t even remember what’s written on the paper he’s holding).

3. Notice that most the individual’s time is filled with him talking and little time provided for audience laughter. That’s what happens when a “talking head” tries to deliver fabricated “jokes” expecting to get laughs.

Hint: When a comedian is talking, the audience is not laughing.

Final Thoughts

Believe it or not, this guy was NOT the worst comedian I have ever seen and the audience is kinder than many can be when a comedian is blowing chunks on stage.

But he is a perfect example of what happens at every single open mic night anywhere on the planet–much of it due to shear ignorance about how to effectively develop and deliver stand-up comedy material.

Night after night, hordes of people line up to get their “shot” on stage, yet they are unwilling or unable to properly prepare to succeed on stage and get the big laughs.

If you have real comedy talent, people have said for years you should be a comedian but you DON’T want to bomb on stage like that guy did…

First: Click here to see how someone’s first stand-up comedy performance can go very well if they are properly prepared and know what they are doing on stage.

Next, seriously spend some time and check out these Killer Stand-up Success Stories. Those are folks who started out on the comedy open mic scene, just like the guy bombing profusely in the video above.

Then you may want to seriously review the Killer Stand-up Online Course — check out the free demos and become familiar with Comedy Evaluator Pro.

But if you want to be clueless about what it really takes to develop and delivery stand-up comedy like a pro, you can still look at the bright side…

You too could have some interesting YouTube videos just like this guy does. 🙂

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4 Replies to “Bombing On Stage: A Revealing, MUST SEE Video Example”

  1. What I find interesting about this video is that the MATERIAL isn’t all that bad; it has potential, I think. His delivery is seriously lacking, and I agree with Steve that it doesn’t seem rehearsed at all — in fact, the performer doesn’t even seem to KNOW his material, much less know how to deliver it! Also, he doesn’t appear to acknowledge the audience at all until he very end — no pauses for them to laugh, no interaction. I feel that, if you can make a connection with the audience, your chances of getting away with slip-ups (and maybe even weak material) are much better than if you had an otherwise flawless performance with strong and polished material. Perhaps the comedian we see here would be more aware of his audience had he “internalized” his material through careful editing and practice before hitting the stage!

  2. Check out this one. I can’t believe she posted this on YouTube. (And she has two more videos just as bad…)

  3. Just an idea, but you should make a blog page devoted to comics who bombed. Im gonna google like you did, but seeing that guy bomb gave me more confidence. I think if you had links to 5 or 10 bombed on stage videos on a page, it would help take away butterflies. Knowing other people had the courage to try even though they weren’t ready can be a confidence and work morale booster. Just a thought. For all i know, you have the page and i haven’t run across it yet. Perhaps that’s in the Real course.

    • That sounds like a great idea John. Everyone has to start somewhere. I’m going to take a look Steve’s free demos. I’m sure they will give us the insight we need to become successful comedians. Follow me on twitter @KelliCgreen