My Follow-up Interview With Killer Stand-up Comedian Bobby Friske

bobby-friske-comedian2One of the things that I try to do when the opportunity presents is to interview Killer Stand-up customers who are making strides in stand-up comedy.

Such is the case with comedian Bobby Friske (pronounced frisky), who started out as a phone coaching client in 2009, then he immediately got his hands on my course.

Long story short:

Bobby made some great improvements in a very short period of time and is one of several of my customers who has provided before and after videos of his act to demonstrate his progress (click here to check out the before and after videos).

Below you will find YouTube videos that have my latest interview with comedian Bobby Friske, that cover a range of topics including:

  • The importance of networking as a comedian
  • How he was able to make progress in a competitive stand-up comedy club market
  • Issues he sees other comedians have that hold them back
  • Why you need comedy skills outside simply being a stand-up comedian
  • And a whole lot more is revealed in this candid interview

All I know is this:

Within 6 months of getting his hands on my course he had comedy clubs calling him for gigs.

So I believe what he has to say has value to those looking to jump into stand-up comedy and don’t want to wait for results.

He has been working as a feature act for awhile now, even though he started stand-up comedy by “accident” just 3 years ago.

I suspect it won’t be long before Bobby is headlining frequently.

Here are the YouTube interview segments with comedian Bobby Friske:

1: How I Got Started In Stand-up Comedy

2: Why Networking Skills Are Critical As A Comedian

3: Some Valuable Advice For New Comedians

4: What I See Other Comedians Do That Hold Them Back

5: Why Improv And Other Skills Are Vital For Bigger Opportunities As A Comedian

6: Secrets For My Progress As A Comedian In The Comedy Club Market

7: More Stand-up Comedy Tips For Comedians

I want to take this opportunity to personally thank comedian Bobby Friske for taking the time for an interview that I believe will provide new comedians some valuable insight on what it takes to succeed as a a comedian.

Bobby’s website is at:

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2 Replies to “My Follow-up Interview With Killer Stand-up Comedian Bobby Friske”

  1. Hey Bazbo, Thanks for the comment. I really believe that it’s all about paying it forward in comedy. Yeah, we’re all in competition. But, it can be a friendly competition. I think, if you’re comfortable where you’re at in comedy, then you’re not threatened by comics better than you. You’re biggest competition is yourself. I’m lucky that I’ve had people above me give me stage time and I’ve got to return that by giving newer people stage time. Call it good karma, being a nice person, or whatever. It just makes sense. Seinfeld said, “We’re all trying to get to the island. It doesn’t matter how you get there, or how long it takes to get there, just do what you can TO get there.” Also, thanks (again) to Steve for what he does. He’s a great guy that has a system that works. If you apply all that with hard work and trying to keep getting better, you’ll do great! Bobby

  2. I really enjoy these interviews with people who’ve taken your stuff and used it to make things happen. There’s always a lot of great information in the videos. Sounds like Bobby Friske has come a long way in a very short time. It’s great that these guys don’t mind sharing the secret of their success. I’m guessing that there are at least a few comics out there who’ve been greatly helped by your stuff but don’t come back and give a testimonial because they figure they don’t need to help their competition get better.