Should You Use A Stage Name As A Comedian?

Another question I get on a fairly regular basis is this:

“Should I use a stage name as a comedian?”

And my answer is that it is a 100% personal choice. If you want to use a stage name, go for it. If you want to use your real name, go for it.

But here’s what you really need to know:

A stage name won’t make a person funnier. It’s talent that makes a name, not the other way around. It’s talent that will put a name in the eye of the public, not the other way around.

If you are going to use a stage name, make a choice that you are very happy with and stick with because once you do have that name established…

It will be hard to change it later, especially since we now live in an Internet world that can result in indexed web page after web page associated with a particular name and the talent associated with that name.

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7 Replies to “Should You Use A Stage Name As A Comedian?”

  1. Stage names seem to be really of personal choice. If your name is unique enough then I can see why most comedians would opt to just use their name. However, if your name when googled brings up somebody else, it would time to pick a stage name. Names are always fun.

  2. My true life nickname (I didn’t pick it, long story)is JBIGSTUPID. well thats the formal version. Most call me JBIG or BIGSTUPID. I’m asking for your personal AND professional opinion. Is my nickname bad to use? Especially since I want corporate gigs? Stupid is a complement on my circle.
    Dumb= not capable of understanding
    Ignorant= smart enough to comprehend, but just didn’t know.
    Stupid= Knew better, but did wrong anyway.