Are You Stuck In Research Mode Looking For Info On How To Become A Comedian?

become a comedian researchI can fully understand why someone who is considering becoming a comedian could get easily stuck in what I can only describe as “research mode”.

By this, I’m talking about doing continuous research about becoming a comedian but never seeming to have enough information to ultimately get on the stand-up comedy stage.

That is probably why you are reading this article right now. 🙂

It’s not hard to understand how someone can get stuck in research mode when you consider that…

They have probably sat through several stand-up comedy open mic nights and have seen for themselves how incredibly awful most new comedians perform during the show.

This alone usually provides plenty of motivation to prompt someone to do some serious research in order to try to improve one’s chances of getting the laughs they want when they do finally get to the stage and not suck like most new comedians tend to do.

Couple that with the seemingly endless mountain of online information and resources available to new comedians (blogs, online videos, etc.) and it’s no surprise why many funny and talented folks can seem to get stuck in terminal “research mode”.

Well, let’s see if I can help you get out of “research mode” and onto the stage as a comedian who’s getting the laughs they want in the shortest time possible.

Here are the steps that I recommend that you take to quickly determine if the type of info I provide will be beneficial to you in your stand-up comedy adventures:

Step 1: Take just 15-20 minutes and review this Special Report.

If you don’t connect with the information provided in that report and realize that you have already been producing powerful stand-up comedy material and didn’t even know it…

You can simply stop there as far as what I have to offer you on this blog or my courses.

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In other words, you will need to seek out resources other than what I have available and that better meet your expectations about what you believe stand-up comedy to be.

I’m not trying to be inconsiderate – I am trying to save you some time so you can focus your research efforts elsewhere if needed.

But if you can absorb and connect with the information provided in the 3 articles that you select, then…

Step 2:  Review the free Stand-up Comedy Fundamentals Course.

If you can absorb and connect with the information provided in that course as it applies to using your already developed comedy talent, then…

Step 3: Review the 5 free lessons in Training Module 1 of the Killer Stand-up Online Course.

If you get that far, your total time investment will only be about 2 hours and you will have a very good idea if what I provide new comedians will help you get the laughter results you want when you do finally hit the stage.

And if that cannot get you out of “research mode” and up on the stand-up comedy stage in the shortest time possible, nothing I have to offer will.

Otherwise, I can only wish you the very best in your research efforts to get the information you need about becoming a comedian and producing a stand-up comedy act that will get you the big laughs from beginning to end.

5 Stand-up Comedy Lessons - Killer Stand-up Online Course
This training module intro page provides comedy lessons on why conventional stand-up comedy writing methods don’t work.

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