announceIf you look at some of the comments posted below some of the articles on this blog, you would think that folks had hit the “mother lode” of stand-up comedy information.

While that may be flattering on the surface, it is really more of a testament to how terrible most free online information about stand-up comedy really is.

So if you are looking for a few “magical secrets” that will somehow help you get the loud and frequent audience laughs you really want as a comedian, you will likely be disappointed in the information this blog offers.

The content provided on this blog is NOT a replacement for my online stand-up comedy course – not by any stretch of the imagination. Nor is it a replacement for any other truly actionable and usable information a person can apply to reach their stand-up comedy goals and dreams.

What you will find on this blog is what I consider some of the most basic, fundamental information a new comedian or someone who is considering taking a serious shot at stand-up comedy should know.

In other words, this blog does not offer any “how to” or “step-by-step” information — regardless of what some of the comments offered may imply.

You will also find that much of the information provided on this blog to be “against the grain” and doesn’t line up with what I can only describe as “conventional wisdom” about how developing and delivering a stand-up comedy act that will actually gets laughs really works.

Again, there is no intentionally actionable information provided in ANY of the articles this blog offers.

The information on this blog is presented from a unique perspective and that is:

While stand-up comedy is challenging, I firmly believe that it doesn’t have to be anywhere near as difficult as ends up being for most.

I say that because much of the information provided by so-called “experts” and by those who have never even been on the stand-up comedy stage but “know” how it works actually has little or no real value.

In fact, I believe that much of the information provided about stand-up comedy actually adds layers of unnecessary difficulty. Much of that is because that while it may be technically accurate, it usually lacks any real applicability on an individual level.

This blog is provided to offer a different perspective on how to look at the art and science of stand-up comedy (there’s not much science, but there is some that is important).

Just keep this in mind as you review the information provided on this blog:

For two thousand years (2000) it was “conventional wisdom” to bleed someone who was sick to rid them of the “bad blood” that was causing their illness.

It wasn’t until someone challenged this thinking that it was realized that “bleeding” sick people was actually a bad idea and was causing people to croak needlessly.

This blog is provided as the first steps in a different way of perceiving, understanding and approaching the process of becoming a comedian — steps that I hope will be beneficial. 🙂