The Most Important Aspect Of A Comedian’s Career

If you take a look at the recent issues surrounding Trevor Noah (who replaced Jon Stewart on The Daily Show), you are actually looking at a fairly common issue among comedians regardless of their tenure as an entertainer. The issue that I am referring to can be summed up this way by the comedian: “I am a comedian. And what I have to say and the way I want to say it is solely up to me without further regard because I have reached (insert level, title, etc.) as a comedy artist.” Trevor Noah came under heavy fire for Continue reading The Most Important Aspect Of A Comedian’s Career

Are Women Wanting To Become Comedians At A Disadvantage?

I found an interesting article about stand-up comedy and women with this headline: Is a workshop for women the way to break into the male-dominated world of stand-up comedy? It kind of hit me the wrong way because it appears to imply that women don’t have the same opportunities in stand-up comedy as men, which is 100% bogus. Here’s the real deal: If you go to ANY stand-up comedy open mic, you will find that the folks who try to get stage time there are mostly men, not women.