Austan Goolsbee A Funny Stand-up Comedian? Not Even Close…

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Noted economist Austan Goolsbee was just appointed to lead the Presidents Counsel of Economic Advisors. In 2009, he was named Funniest Celebrity In Washington.

While Goolsbee may have a great TV presence and is obviously an accomplished and humorous speaking professional…

As far as stand-up comedy goes, it is blatantly clear he can only generate open mic laugh levels.
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What President Obama And Glenn Beck Both Have In Common

I don’t get into political ideologies or differences when I write about those who are in politics. I write from the perspective of the effective and powerful use/delivery of an individual’s sense of humor and its influential impact.

Whether or not I agree with the President Obama’s approach to leadership and governance, like many others I have written before about his well developed and powerful sense of humor. He has warmly been described as the “Comic in Chief”.
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