Why Don’t More Comedy Clubs Have A Corporate Comedian Profit Center?

Comedy clubs are no different than any other business from this perspective: If you don’t keep up with the times, you get left behind. And despite recessionary times that usually result in a comedy club “boom”, that hasn’t happened. That’s why I am kind of surprised that most comedy clubs haven’t tapped into corporate comedy as a major profit center to add to their bottom line.

The Future Of Stand-up Comedy?

I’ve been keeping my eye on a rapidly emerging technology – a technology that could potentially have a significant impact on stand-up comedy (as well as other live performing arts). The technology I am referring to is virtual reality. I have watched virtual reality gear become more and more prolific and very affordable. What You Need To Know First Before I get to the potential impact of virtual reality equipment on stand-up comedy, here are two things to consider:

Comedian Craig Shoemaker: A Masterful Comedian To Study

comedian craig shoemaker

If you really want to study a comedy master who has a very wide range when it comes to delivering a stand-up comedy act on a high level, you may want to check out comedian Craig Shoemaker. Craig Shoemaker first grabbed my attention very early in my comedy career when at the time I was watching A&E’s Evening At The Improv, trying to figure out how to develop and deliver a stand-up comedy act myself in the early 90’s.