Free eReports

Below you will find links to my eReports for new comedians. There are currently 3 reports available for review by those who are seriously looking at taking a shot at becoming a comedian.

Here are some details on these free eReports:

  1. eReports provide extended information based on the articles provided on this blog.
  2. eReports are provided in PDF format that can be viewed on virtually any platform and have been compiled using this inexpensive online tool (#ad).
  3. eReports may be viewed online or downloaded for offline viewing.

All eReports available on this blog are free and may be shared with others. There is no sign-up required for access – simply use the links below for instant access.

The primary purpose of eReports is to provide an additional means of information dissemination to help increase a new comedian’s chances of success.

The very first eReport you should consume is “Your Comedy Talent Decoded”. The reason is very simple…

If the information in that foundational eReport DOES NOT resonate with you or you cannot relate to it due to your preconceived ideas about how creating a stand-up comedy routine is done, all other eReports will basically be of little value and you may want to focus your attention on more “conventional resources” on how to “write” a stand-up comedy routine (#ad).

Additional eReports will be added periodically. When a new eReport is added, it will be announced at the top of this page.

Available eReports

  • Your Comedy Talent Decoded

    Your Comedy Talent Decoded

    The most valuable asset you can bring to the table as a new comedian is your comedy talent. But what makes up your comedy talent and how can to tap into it as a comedian? This eReport answers those important questions and more.

  • Know The Goal To Reach The Goal

    Know The Goal To Reach The Goal

    You may not be aware of this but there is a definitive and measurable milestone that comedians must reach in order to move past comedy open mic and opener gigs. This eReport is focused on understanding this specific goal – that can be easily measured using your smartphone!

  • Audience Secrets For New Comedians

    Audience Secrets For New Comedians

    There is quite a bit to know about comedy audiences and how it can impact a comedian’s laughter generation ability during a performance. This eReport covers three essential and important audience secrets every new comedian should know before they hit the stage.