For New Comedians


How To Be A Stand-up Comedian


There is no bigger thrill on the planet than making an audience laugh!

So if you want to know how to be a comedian, make no mistake – there’s much to know when it comes to developing and delivering a stand-up comedy routine that generates the big laughs especially if…

You want to develop a high impact stand-up comedy act in days and weeks and instead of months and years.

Most individuals who are considering taking a shot at stand-up comedy are under the FALSE impression that all one has to do is write down some jokes and merely say those jokes on stage to be good at stand-up comedy.

Note: There is an optional download below called “How I Got Started In Stand-up Comedy” that you might want to check out, especially if you have just started performing as a stand-up comic.

The Stand-up Comedy Tips blog provides introductory, yet foundational information for talented individuals who are interested in jumping into stand-up comedy and simply don’t want to bomb on stage for many months or even years like most comedians do.

This blog is offered to answer important questions prospective comedians have like:

  • How do I get started in stand-up comedy?
  • Am I funny enough to be a comedian?
  • What do I need to know about writing a stand-up comedy routine?
  • How many jokes are in a 5 minute stand-up comedy set?
  • How long does it take to kill audiences?
  • What can I do to avoid bombing on stage?
  • What do I need to know about stand-up comedy open mic nights?
  • How do I get discovered as a stand-up comic?

And much more that you won’t find anywhere else about how to be a comic…

Optional Download

I have an optional 6 page PDF download called “How I Got Started In Stand-up Comedy” that describes in detail how I struggled horribly and almost quit stand-up comedy in the beginning trying to use the information provided in the so-called “conventional” stand-up comedy books available at the time.

The reasons that I struggled needlessly when I started my stand-up comedy career are covered in the 5 free stand-up comedy lessons in the Killer Stand-up Online Course.

So if you are struggling as a new comedian yourself, you may want to check what happened to me…

How I Got Started In Stand-up Comedy

The Bottom Line

I want you to succeed on the stand-up comedy stage.

Explore what this blog has to offer in the way of information you simply won’t find anywhere else.

I want you to experience the appreciation, admiration and respect that only making an audience laugh long and hard can provide.

And I want you to have a huge advantage over other comedians who are stuck in trying to “write” stand-up comedy material the hard way.

Nothing would please me more than to feature you on my Success Stories page!

And most of all…

I wish you the best in your stand-up comedy adventures and in your quest to learn how to be a comedian!

Steve Roye
Author of the Stand-up Comedy Tips blog