If You Want Mounds Of The BEST Stand-up Topics That Literally Fit You Like A Glove, Don’t Miss Out On This…

Let’s assume for just a moment that you managed to find this blog because:

  • You are considering becoming a comedian and haven’t developed a stand-up act yet or…
  • You have started performing as a new comedian but you just aren’t getting the laughs you want (maybe even none) or…
  • You have already quit stand-up comedy before, but want to try again armed with better information to improve your chances of success.

Well, no matter what level you are at – just starting out or you have been at it for awhile…

Arguably one of the most difficult tasks that virtually every comedian faces is nailing down what to talk about on stage and deciding what topics, ideas or unrefined comedy material to develop into a stand-up routine that will consistently generate big audience laughs.

So what would you say if I told you that:

Whether you have never been on stage or you have been on stage as a comedian dozens of times, you literally have HOURS of potential stand-up comedy topics, ideas and material RIGHT NOW that you can develop into a powerful stand-up act if you know how.

Not only that…

The stand-up comedy topics, ideas and unrefined material that I am talking about have been PROVEN to be funny because they already generated laughs for you off stage.

You just need to know the easy-to-use secrets for recognizing, prioritizing and selecting the best stand-up ideas and material that YOU HAVE ALREADY TESTED AND ARE AT YOUR DISPOSAL RIGHT NOW.

You Can Access These Secrets Now

I recently developed a powerful 7 lesson online course called Your Best Stand-up Topics Made Easy that reveals the secrets that I am referring to.

This course was developed specifically to show comedians at any level how to recognize, prioritize and select from the large quantity of potentially powerful stand-up material they already have at their disposal RIGHT NOW.

The reason that I developed this course is because most funny people are BRAINWASHED INTO FAILURE as a new comedian because they are instructed and influenced to attempt to develop stand-up material in a way that:

  • Is “written” like a school book report – designed for consumption by an individual reader and NOT spoken and expressed to a live audience
  • Usually involves trying to work with made up “premises” and concepts that the “writer” has no clue if they even have a chance of being funny as developed stand-up material
  • Completely ignores the critical fact that writing is a completely different skill than talking and expressing oneself in person

Unfortunately, these issues lead to new comedians bombing on stage for months and sometimes YEARS.

Don’t believe me? Just head on down to your friendly neighborhood comedy open mic and see what happens for most new comedians for yourself.

So let me ask you – which would you rather do?

Struggle to try to somehow “find” or otherwise magically come up with topics and ideas for your stand-up material that you don’t even have a hint will work for a stand-up audience or…

Pick and choose from PROVEN stand-up comedy material that you have already effortlessly produced and tested for laughs.

Seems like a no brainer choice to me.

So I want to introduce a few folks to my Success Primer For New Comedians program which includes the Your Best Stand-up Topics Made Easy course that I have been talking about for just $4.99 (not a typo) if they are willing to trade just 3 minutes of their time…

About The 3 Minute Trade

Below you will find a simple survey with just 5 easy questions (4 multiple choice, 1 short answer) that will usually take most folks 3 minutes or less to complete.

blankOnce you have finished the survey, you will be automatically redirected to a special page that will allow you to register for the Success Primer For New Comedians for just $4.99 (75% discount) which includes:

  • 90 day access to the course (Your Best Stand-up Topics Made Easy) and the associated bonus content (one time payment)
  • 3 independent bonus lessons
  • Bonus audio series (Stand-up Comedy Secrets For Beginners – 10 hours)
  • Ability to access the course anytime after the initial 90 day access period for just $3.99 for 1 month access (one-time payment – there are NO recurring payments on the website)
  • Ability to upgrade anytime to include the Rapid Training Modules (1 year access) for just $39.95 if desired (one time payment)
  • Ability to access the Killer Stand-up Online Course at a discount anytime ($30 discount for Primer level, $80 discount for Upgrade level)

Plus, I can’t think of a better way for someone to “stick their toe in the water” so to speak when it comes to getting a feel for the the type of PROVEN educational materials that I have to offer aspiring comedians. Even better still…

A Huge Advantage

The secrets that I reveal in the Success Primer For New Comedians can be used with ANY system or method you ultimately decide to use develop your stand-up comedy act.

In other words…

You are not required to purchase additional materials from me in order to effectively use and apply the techniques and strategies provided in the Success Primer For New Comedians program.

Regardless of the system or methodology you choose, as a comedian you are always going to be on the lookout for solid stand-up comedy ideas and material that are best suited for you and your unique comedy talent.

Here’s what you need to do in order to take advantage of this limited time $4.99 offer.

First you need to check out the Success Primer For New Comedians program and make sure that it is a fit for you. Otherwise, there’s no real reason to continue further.

Note: The first lesson in the Your Best Stand-up Topics Made Easy course is publicly available now for your immediate review – no sign-up is required.

Once you have done that, simply answer the 5 questions in the survey below.

WARNING: Do not start the survey unless you are ready to register for the program for $4.99 because you will only get 1 shot at this special offer – taking the survey more than once will not give you additional opportunities for this $4.99 offer.

When you have landed on the special protected Comedy University page that you are redirected to after completing the survey, you will have 10 minutes before that page expires permanently (along with the $4.99 offer).

OK, So What’s The Catch?

blankThe only “catch” that I can think of is that this ultra low price offer is only being made available for a limited amount of time.

The primary reason that I am making this limited time offer available is to quickly gather the valuable information that the survey below can provide me about those folks who want to become pro comedians.

I don’t about you but I personally DESPISE taking surveys unless there is some sort of really good incentive for me to take the time to fill one out – even a short one like the one below.

I know many others share my views on taking surveys. But then there’s this little fact that I had to consider in order to get the insights that I need…

You might not be aware of this, but the cost to have a third party company gather the valuable information that the survey below can provide me can be quite expensive to say the least.

The insights from the survey below can provide me with the information to make intelligent adjustments or additions to the educational materials that I produce for comedians in a cost effective way.

And for those who may be looking for actionable information about recognizing, prioritizing and selecting the best comedy topics for a stand-up routine (and more), well…

They get a crazy good, ZERO RISK deal in exchange for completing the survey because…

Even at the insanely low price of $4.99 – the 14 day, no questions asked money back guarantee for that program remains in effect and will be honored if requested. 

So it’s a win-win situation for both of us. But just to be crystal clear…

I firmly believe that the long term value of the information provided in the program is worth at least double the retail price ($19.95) for the individual who is truly serious about becoming a pro comedian and moving ahead as quickly and effectively as possible.

Step By Step Recap

1. You need to go to ComedyUniversity.com FIRST and make sure that you truly want to register for the Success Primer For New Comedians BEFORE completing the 5 question survey below (there are NO do overs for this offer).


2. Complete the survey below. When you have answered the last question in the survey below, you will be automatically redirected to a special protected page on the Comedy University website where you can register for the Success Primer For New Comedians for just $4.99 (ONE TIME PAYMENT ONLY).

Note: Again, there are NO recurring or hidden fees for ANY course materials that I have to offer.

3. Once you have landed on that special protected page at Comedy University, you will have 10 minutes to use either a credit card or PayPal to securely pay for the course registration.

Note: After your registration payment has been accepted, you will need to have a username and password ready in order to set up your Comedy University Member account to immediately access the Success Primer course lessons and bonus content..

And last but not least – this offer may be withdrawn at any time without notice.

So if you are ready, here’s the survey:

Easy 5 Question Survey

*All submitted answers are anonymous – no personal data of any kind is acquired during this survey.

There is no time limit for taking the survey (but most will finish in 3 minutes or less).

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