Special Report (Legacy)

The Special Report That You DO NOT Want To Miss

Note: This special report is an important part of the free Stand-up Fundamentals Course.

If you are reading this, the chances are pretty good that:

  • You are recognized as a funny person in everyday life and…
  • You are looking to apply your ability to cause others to laugh off stage to stand-up comedy or public speaking.

So if that describes you, then here’s a secret that no so-called comedy “expert” will tell you…

You have already been producing and delivering stand-up comedy material for YEARS, whether you realize it or not.

Every time you express yourself and cause others to laugh, you use highly specialized stand-up comedy techniques that are specific to you, the way you talk and the way you express yourself and your sense of humor.

Not only that, I’m going to show you in the extensive Special Report provided below exactly why I can say this with great confidence and…

Explain why this is a very big deal for any new comedian looking for stand-up comedy material or ideas for a routine.

With that said, there are 3 very distinct objectives that I want to accomplish with the The Stand-up Secret That No One Else Will Tell You special report:

  • Expose the REAL differences between causing laughter to happen in causal conversations and on stage in front of an audience of strangers (hint: these are most likely NOT what you think they are).
  • Reveal why you are literally sitting on a ton of potential stand-up material that has already been proven to work.
  • Expose why you DO NOT need ANY special “writing” skill at all in order to produce powerful stand-up comedy material or funny material for a speech or presentation.

Click on the sections below to review the Special Report: The Stand-up Secret That No One Else Will Tell You.

If you are looking to create and develop a killer stand-up comedy routine in the shortest amount of time, you will be glad that you did.

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The Stand-up Secret That No One Else Will Tell You

You Won’t Get This From The Comedy “Experts”

If you immerse yourself in any of the popular mainstream stand-up books, courses and workshops made available for those who want to learn how to develop a stand-up comedy routine, you will notice this if you are aware enough:

There is no acknowledgement of your comedy talent — you know, the comedy talent that:

  • Took you decades to develop
  • Is unique to you and the way you express yourself
  • Allows you to say things spontaneously to get laughs from things that you talk about and respond to during casual conversations

No, oddly enough the comedy talent that you use daily DOES NOT enter the picture when it comes to “writing jokes” or “writing” comedy material in any capacity — it’s not included in any process to develop comedy material.

If comedy “experts” thought your natural comedy talent was valuable at all on a professional level, they would show you how to use it to make audiences laugh instead of focusing on peddling “writing” processes that simply do not work for the vast majority of people.

Well, I am going to demonstrate why the “funny” that you use in casual conversations is exactly what you want to use on stage or from behind a podium to generate audience laughter.

And if you can thoroughly understand and apply what I will reveal in this report…

It can make the difference between struggling needlessly to figure out what to say to an audience and having access to more stand-up comedy material than you have stage time to deliver it!

That is NOT hyperbole by the way.

So to kick off this process, I am going to present some questions that you will want to answer for yourself honestly.

I will present information regarding each question for you to consider along the way.

And I want to encourage you at every possible juncture to do your own research and investigation as I present this material.

So let’s start with the first question that you need answer for yourself:

What are the primary differences between making people laugh in everyday conversations and making people laugh when a stand-up comedy routine is delivered to an audience?

Seems like a simple question, does it not? Don’t be fooled — the vast majority of people CANNOT answer this correctly and that’s because…

Most people have been conditioned to believe that generating audience laughter as a comedian or a speaking professional is vastly different than what happens when making friends, family, coworkers and acquaintances laugh when interacting with them.

I want to point out something that is very important about that question before I move forward.

Notice that the question focuses on causing people to laugh — specifically I am referring to the actual process involved with:

The activity of talking and expression which causes people to laugh out loud as a result.

This is an important distinction when it comes to nailing down what the real differences are between causing people to laugh in everyday conversations and when delivering a stand-up comedy routine and…

Figuring out why it matters when it comes to making audiences laugh.

One last thing…

While the remainder of this special report will focus on comedians, the information provided is just as applicable to any type of public speaking.