Stand-up Comedy Tips Are NOT Enough

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success-or-failure2Most people who land on this blog are under the impression that all they really need to get off to a great start as a comedian is to find a few solid stand-up comedy tips and they are good to go!

If that describes you, I wish you the best of luck in your stand-up comedy adventures because luck will be most of what you will be depending on.

Don’t get me wrong – the right stand-up comedy tips can provide a variety of insights, perspectives, career considerations, etc. along with other basic and foundational information about the process of becoming a comedian.

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The Biggest Obstacles New Comedians Face

comedian-challengesI think just about every new comedian will agree that coming up with that first solid and tight 3-5 minute set that kills virtually every time is the hurdle that presents the biggest single challenge for new comedians.

While 3-5 minutes may seem like a very small amount of performing time, it can seem like an eternity to the new comedian who is generating little or no laughter with their stand-up comedy routine. Continue reading

Is Stand-up Comedy Difficult?

Ken asks…

How difficult is stand-up comedy?

I’ve been a singer in a band for the last five years, played hundreds of gigs, in front of some pretty big audiences.

I rarely get properly nervous and any nerves I do get are usually a due to potential equipment failure, rather than a lack of faith in our ability.

After the bands next album, I’m thinking of trying my hand at stand up comedy. I have written comedy (though nowhere near the level I have in music) but never performed comedy.
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