“Off The Shelf” Corporate Comedy Material Resource

I have discovered a killer “off the shelf” resource for those who are interested in developing “corporate” comedy material, if you can grasp this core principle: The mechanics of laughter are exactly the SAME whether it be on the stand-up comedy stage or if you are giving a speech. If you have read my system, you also know that… These same laughter mechanics apply whether you are doing “edgy” material or clean material.

My Interview With Killer Stand-up Comedian Bob Moher

When the opportunity presents itself, I try to interview comedians who are making headway in their stand-up comedy adventures — from different perspectives, different geographical locations, different experience levels, different goals, etc. Well, I got the chance to interview comedian Bob Moher (based in San Antonio, TX) who is not just one of my students but… Bob has also managed to turn his comedy talent into a noteworthy income in a very short period of time.

Why Don’t More Comedy Clubs Have A Corporate Comedian Profit Center?

Comedy clubs are no different than any other business from this perspective: If you don’t keep up with the times, you get left behind. And despite recessionary times that usually result in a comedy club “boom”, that hasn’t happened. That’s why I am kind of surprised that most comedy clubs haven’t tapped into corporate comedy as a major profit center to add to their bottom line.