Why The Opening Stand-up Comedy Act Has The Hardest Job

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When it comes to learning how to be a comedian…

The opening act in the stand-up comedy environment is arguably the hardest spot in a line up of comedians — particularly from a laughter generation stand point.

It’s often referred to as the “bullet taking” spot.

Here’s why that is, no matter what “level” the comedian is at when performing in that critical opening spot…
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Stand-up Comedy Bar Gigs: What You Need To Know

During my comedy career I performed many bar gigs that were great.

I performed at many others during my stand-up comedy career that didn’t quite make it into that category.

Every bar gig I ever performed at was arranged or set up by another comedian. Most of the time it was a more experienced comedian that set up the show.

Other times it was newer comedians who set up the show who were either looking for another avenue for stage time or to make a some money from the endeavor. Continue reading

My Follow-up Interview With Killer Stand-up Comedian Bobby Friske

bobby-friske-comedian2One of the things that I try to do when the opportunity presents is to interview Killer Stand-up customers who are making strides in stand-up comedy.

Such is the case with comedian Bobby Friske (pronounced frisky), who started out as a phone coaching client in 2009, then he immediately got his hands on my course.

Long story short:

Bobby made some great improvements in a very short period of time and is one of several of my customers who has provided before and after videos of his act to demonstrate his progress (click here to check out the before and after videos). Continue reading