The Most Important Aspect Of A Comedian’s Career

If you take a look at the recent issues surrounding Trevor Noah (who replaced Jon Stewart on The Daily Show), you are actually looking at a fairly common issue among comedians regardless of their tenure as an entertainer. The issue that I am referring to can be summed up this way by the comedian: “I am a comedian. And what I have to say and the way I want to say it is solely up to me without further regard because I have reached (insert level, title, etc.) as a comedy artist.” Trevor Noah came under heavy fire for Continue reading The Most Important Aspect Of A Comedian’s Career

Entertainers Have The Edge When Building An Online Fan Club

When it comes to building a fan club, comedians and other entertainers have a pretty good edge over most when it comes to using a blog as the foundation for building your fan club following. Here’s why… People are enamored with entertainment and entertainers. It doesn’t matter what field of entertainment that you specialize in. People want to know what entertainers are doing. They want to know the struggles and the triumphs. They want to know who you meet and where you are performing. They want to know everything about you and what you are doing.