Why Stand-up Comedy YouTube Videos Usually Don’t Go Viral

For those comedians who are motivated to become a stand-up comedy sensation on YouTube… To become a hit on YouTube, you need a video that goes viral. And for most comedians, that simply isn’t going to happen because… For a stand-up comedy video to go viral on YouTube (meaning the link to the video is passed along from person to person over and over again), it must have very broad appeal to a large segment of people.

Hell Gigs And Using Comedy Evaluator Pro For Performance Evaluations

What is a hell gig? A hell gig for stand-up comedians is any gig that is not conducive to laughter generation. This can include, but is not limited to: – Poor audience attentiveness or interest in anything other than the comedy show – Poor audience seating – Minimal audience attendance – Less than optimal sound where the audience can’t hear the comedian – Environmental factors that create severe distractions away from the comedy show