Comedian Sarah Silverman, Twitter Controversy And Freedom Of Speech

By now you have probably heard about the controversial tweet that comedian Sarah Silverman made on Twitter regarding abortion. While her tweet was satirical, apparently her tweet (with before and after pics of her mock abortion) has caused such a stir that some are speculating that the tweet she made may even jeopardize her chances of getting pick up for a new NBC TV show in development for the fall currently called “Susan 313”.

Wanna Do Top Notch One Liner Stand-up Comedy? Then You Better Study The Unknown Comic…

One of the questions that I get on a regular basis is this: Do you have a resource to learn how to write one liner stand-up comedy? Actually I do. But it’s not a book, ebook or course. You need only look at The Unknown Comic’s Twitter page to get access some of the tightest “one liner” comedy you will find anywhere: