How To Get Stuck In Stand-up Comedy Joke Writing Mode

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Probably one of the most unfortunate conditions that a comedian can experience is that they get hopelessly stuck in what I can only describe as “conventional” stand-up comedy “joke writing” mode.

When I refer to “conventional” joke writing, I am talking about the process of trying to fabricate funny jokes from a blank piece of paper using a literary writing skill set that is designed for consumption by an individual reader.

If you have read my article about using your natural comedy talent as a comedian, then you know that trying to “write” stand-up comedy material working only with words and sentences alone to get the audience laughter a comedian needs to succeed is problematic on a number of levels.

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Comedian Doug Stanhope’s Comedy Death Camp Article

One of my subscribers just forwarded me a link to an article by comedian Doug Stanhope called Comedy Death Camp and I have to say…

I very much appreciate his brutally honest and acerbic assessment of the stand-up comedy education industry overall.

As indicated in his article, many stand-up comedy teachers never reached a level where they got paid for their stand-up comedy skill.
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