Killer Stand-up Comedian To Appear On The TODAY Show In May

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Killer Stand-up Comedian Gid Pool is currently scheduled to appear on the TODAY Show on May 31, 2012! WooHoo!!!

The TODAY show segment that Gid will be featured in is called, “Your Life Calling with Jane Pauley” and is produced and sponsored by AARP. You can find all segments of the TV series at

As a matter of fact, I have updated Gid’s Success Story page and it now includes a 15 minute audio interview with him to talk about his upcoming TODAY Show appearance and what’s in store for him next.
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Promo Video Featuring Jane Pauley Interview With Killer Stand-up Comedian Gid Pool

Update: The Jane Pauley interview with comedian Gid Pool that aired on the TODAY Show can be found here.

Below you will find a YouTube promo video clip featuring segments of the Jane Pauley interview with Killer Stand-up comedian Gid Pool for the “Your Life Calling” segment which will air on the TODAY Show on May 31 (This has changed from the date in the promo video below).
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My Third Interview With Comedian Gid Pool Who Will Be Appearing On The TODAY Show May 31

Below you will find my third interview with Killer Stand-up comedian Gid Pool who will be appearing on the TODAY Show on May 31, 2012 (the third and hopefully last schedule change).

Gid is being featured in the “Your Life Calling” with Jane Pauley segment which is sponsored and produced by AARP.

This interview focuses on his final filming session for the TV show (filmed on April 20) which involved his interview with Jane Pauley and his stand-up comedy performance later that evening at McCurdy’s Comedy Theater in Sarasota, Florida.
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