Watch A Professional Comedian Skillfully DESTROY A Heckler!

Heckling is often times referred to as an occupational hazard for comedians. This article features a video of a comedian skillfully engaging an intoxicated heckler at a show and pointing out what new comedians can learn from the interaction. Continue reading Watch A Professional Comedian Skillfully DESTROY A Heckler!

The Importance Of Plausibility In Stand-up Comedy Material

While it is universally accepted that all comedy material is based in truth to varying degrees… When it comes to stand-up comedy material (or sketch comedy material for that matter), plausibility is far more important than the degree of truth contained within a comedian’s stand-up comedy material. Plausibility: Seemingly or apparently valid, likely, or acceptable; credible It is plausibility that allows a comedian to use their sense of humor, unique point of view and imagination in order to effectively generate laughs in their stand-up comedy material — even if their comedy material contains minimal “truth”.

Comedian Wendy Liebman: Performance Evaluation Of A Great Comedian Delivering A Killer Stand-up Comedy Set

One of the very few people that I follow on Twitter is comedian Wendy Liebman. If you want to take a hard look at a seasoned, professional comedian who can deliver very tight, high impact stand-up comedy material, I would highly recommend that you study this talented comedy entertainer. While I don’t know Wendy personally, here’s what I can tell you about her stand-up comedy that every comedian should know: