Let me say this upfront — You simply can’t miss this!!!

I have to say that what you are about to see in the video below is a professional comedian not only completely destroy a heckler — but do it in such a way that I must applaud him for how skillfully he did it.

The comedian is Todd Glass who was featured among many other pro comedians in the stand-up comedy documentary I Am Comic directed by Jordan Brady (available on DVD).
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Many people who make the decision to tackle stand-up comedy make what appears to be a logical decision to help them progress quickly, which is to take a stand-up comedy class or workshop.

And most of the time, they end up sorely disappointed with the results (or rather the lack of results) once they have completed the class or workshop.

Why is that? I can tell you exactly why that happens.
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comedian-challengesI think just about every new comedian will agree that coming up with that first solid and tight 3-5 minute set that kills virtually every time is the hurdle that presents the biggest single challenge for new comedians.

While 3-5 minutes may seem like a very small amount of performing time, it can seem like an eternity to the new comedian who is generating little or no laughter with their stand-up comedy routine.

And if the new comedian has had multiple stage performances with little or no laughs, it can begin to seem like a daunting task to somehow come up with that killer 3-5 minutes that will take them to the next level.

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