One of the most basic ways that a comedian can review their stand-up comedy act for performance improvement is to simply count the number of laughs generated each minute they are on stage.

All that is needed is a video or audio recording of the set you wish to review, along with some fingers and toes to count with.

I should mention that what I am about to share with you regarding laughs per minute is only a very rough, largely inaccurate performance gauge and just like with any stand-up comedy set, your performances will usually always vary to some degree relative to the audience size, seating, and attentiveness to your show. Read the rest of this entry

What critical skill set attributes should a comedian possess in order to slay an audience (generate a minimum average of 18+ seconds of laughter for each performing minute, which is headliner level stand-up comedy)?

I would say that this comedian skill set would include these 5 essential attributes:

1. A thorough understanding of punchlines and how they are developed. I’m not talking about the standard and worthless definitions of a punchline.

I’m talking specifically about an actionable definition that allows an individual to apply their own unique sense of humor when developing their stand-up comedy material and punchlines. Read the rest of this entry

success-2Are you truly killing at the comedy open mics?

Would you like to know what you need to do to take your stand-up comedy to the next level?

Maybe I should define what killing on stage really means as a comedian first…

Killing on stage means that you are able to generate a minimum average of 18 seconds of laughter each performing minute (headliner level stand-up comedy). Read the rest of this entry