How To Write Stand-up Comedy Material The Hard Way

One of the very first things that I notice about new and prospective comedians is that they are driven to “write jokes” (in the literal sense) in order to try to command the big laughs on stage.

Very funny and very talented individuals can get caught in an ironic purgatory of sorts, where they can make others laugh almost at will in everyday life but…
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One of the things that every comedian must have if they want to generate big audience laughter is confidence.

Here’s why I say that:

Audiences know – either on a conscious or subconscious level when a comedian is confident and when they are not and will respond (or not respond) accordingly.

Confidence as a comedian is learned based on two primary aspects – advanced preparation and experience, both of which are related to each other.
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Are you a stand-up comedian who is looking to “break into” acting for TV shows, commercials and movies?

Please make sure that you read every word of this article because…

I’m going to identify the single biggest mistake many comedians make when it comes to getting acting gigs.

First, please allow me to cover some differences and similarities between stand-up comedy and acting.
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Every new comedian wants to know how to write a stand-up comedy routine.

So when it comes to any comedian improving their skills at generating big laughs…

That journey begins with the process a comedian uses to develop their stand-up comedy material in the first place.

As you will soon discover, the reality is that the last thing a comedian should do is try to write stand-up comedy material in the literal sense.
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