Every new comedian wants to know how to write a stand-up comedy routine.

So when it comes to any comedian improving their skills at generating big laughs…

That journey begins with the process a comedian uses to develop their stand-up comedy material in the first place.

As you will soon discover, the reality is that the last thing a comedian should do is try to write stand-up comedy material in the literal sense.
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5-minutesI would say that the first tight 5 minutes of a new comedian’s stand-up comedy act is without a doubt the most important stand-up comedy material that they will “write” or develop for a number of reasons…

It will be during the development of this first tight 5 minutes that the new comedian begins to effectively tap into their “stage voice” — that comfort zone that allows them to be who they really are on stage and not doing their “impression” of what they think a comedian should be. Read the rest of this entry

I went to YouTube.com and did a search using the term bad stand-up comedy and I was kind of amazed at what I found.

Below is a video of an unfunny comedian who gets very few laughs in his set and is an obvious flop on stage.

It’s called bombing in the world of stand-up comedy and this guy was pretty darn good at it.
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