performance-improvement2One of the most basic ways that a comedian can review their stand-up comedy act for performance improvement is to simply count the number of laughs generated each minute they are on stage.

All that is needed is a video or audio recording of the set you wish to review, along with some fingers and toes to count with.

I should mention that what I am about to share with you regarding laughs per minute is only a very rough, largely inaccurate performance gauge and just like with any stand-up comedy set, your performances will usually always vary to some degree relative to the audience size, seating, and attentiveness to your show. Read the rest of this entry

One thing I know about stand-up comedy beyond a shadow of a doubt is this:

Individuals who actually have comedy talent tend to struggle needlessly because of their own false perceptions when it comes to developing and delivering stand-up comedy material that actually works on stage.

The reason for this is simple…

Most folks who are looking to take a shot at stand-up comedy don’t fully understand or comprehend that there is a huge difference between the “written” word and the “spoken” word.
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question-icon1One of the things that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt is that it is difficult if not impossible to get the right information if you don’t know the right questions to ask.

I also know that many of what people consider the “right” questions won’t actually produce much in the way of meaningful information at all.

So I am going to tackle a seemingly simple and straightforward question in this article which is:

How long should a stand-up comedy joke be?

Before I continue, let’s start with some background information related to finding the answer to this question. Read the rest of this entry