Many times I get accused of trying to impose impossible or unrealistic “standards” on a hugely subjective performing art — stand-up comedy with my Comedy Evaluator Pro software.

For the record, I haven’t managed to set a single standard when it comes to stand-up comedy, comedians getting big and frequent laughs on stage or how they manage to do it.

Headliner comedians over many decades have already set the standards of “funny” for comedians to emulate and strive for.
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What critical skill set attributes should a comedian possess in order to slay an audience?

By slaying an audience, I am specifically referring to generating 4-6 quality laughs per minute for an average of 18+ seconds of audience laughter each minute.

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comedian-challengesI think just about every new comedian will agree that coming up with that first solid and tight 3-5 minute set that kills virtually every time is the hurdle that presents the biggest single challenge for new comedians.

While 3-5 minutes may seem like a very small amount of performing time, it can seem like an eternity to the new comedian who is generating little or no laughter with their stand-up comedy routine. Read the rest of this entry