Even though it’s been over two decades since I embarked on my own stand-up comedy journey, I remember those first months like they were yesterday.

Those first months weren’t pleasant at all.

I was struggling terribly and couldn’t understand why until later on (after developing the processes provided in the Killer Stand-up Online Course) which was…

I was leaving most of my real comedy talent at home when I went to perform at stand-up comedy open mic nights.
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difficult2If you were in a room with 20 accomplished comedians and asked the question:

Can stand-up comedy be learned?

I would be willing to bet that half (if not more) of them would say no, stand-up comedy cannot be learned.

And it would be at that point that I would have to respectfully disagree and here’s why:

The question “Can someone learn stand-up comedy?” is not a very good question to begin with and lends itself to a wide variety of potential answers which may or may not be helpful at all depending upon the context in which it is asked and the subsequent answers provided. Read the rest of this entry

Sometimes in the process of educating folks on the dynamics of developing a stand-up comedy routine, some of the most basic information can be missed.

And it has been said that it’s hard to get answers if you don’t know the questions to begin with.

So here’s a question that I know many new and prospective comedians have that never seems to get asked or addressed which is:
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