Top 3 Factors That Directly Impact The Speed At Which You Can Progress As A Comedian


factor affecting comedian progressIf you have taken a look at the free lessons in Training Module One in the Killer Stand-up Online Course, you should be aware that there is a lot to know when it comes to generating big laughs from the stand-up comedy stage on a consistent basis.

None of which is difficult to learn and apply might I add.

But in this article, I want to cover what I consider to be the top 3 factors that influence the speed at which a new comedian can progress.

The information in this article assumes that you already have all the natural comedy talent you need.

I say that because there are those who do not have natural comedy talent and are under the false impression that they can somehow learn to “write” their way to having comedy talent they don’t already have.

One last thing before I continue…

The top 3 factors I am going to identify apply to any new comedian, whether they make the decision to invest in the Killer Stand-up Online Course or not.

With that said, let’s move to the first factor…

Capitalizing On Your Natural Comedy Talent

This may sound a bit strange, but…

Most new comedians leave most, if not all of their comedy talent at home when they start performing.

Here is why I say that…

Most comedians are under the false impression that they can simply “write” comedy material on paper and when they recite it on stage, it should get the big laughs.

The problem with that is this:

We don’t verbally communicate words and sentences the same way we “write” words and sentences.

Simply record your half of any telephone conversation, transcribe it then read it.

Important: We don’t just use words to communicate verbally (or generate laughs when we talk to others).

What draws funny people to stand-up comedy is their ability to make people laugh effortlessly in everyday life, without much forethought.

That’s because they are using ALL of the natural expressive comedy traits they have when they make others laugh.

Ironically, most new comedians don’t recognize this and set out to “write” their way to being funny on stage in the literal sense, usually ignoring the natural expressive comedy traits that got them into stand-up comedy in the first place.

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Then, they will spend many months or years before they can make the connection between what actually makes them funny and how to use their natural comedy skill and talent on stage.

So if you want to make rapid progress as a comedian, you must capitalize on what makes you funny in everyday life right from the beginning in your stand-up comedy adventures — no matter what “type” or “style” of stand-up comedy material you choose to deliver.

Performing Opportunities

While there is much that can be done off stage to prepare to succeed on stage…

There is no substitute for experience performing in front live audiences.

Subsequently, the speed at which a comedian can progress is directly influenced by the number of performances they can accumulate and gain valuable experience from.

In some areas (LA and New York for example), there are a number of places a new comedian can perform every week.

In other areas, there can be far fewer performing opportunities for new comedians.

I should also point out that comedians who are only able to develop and deliver “adult”, blue or profane stand-up comedy material are restricted to comedy club open mics or other such stand-up comedy venues.

Individuals who can develop and deliver clean or family friendly stand-up comedy material can perform at virtually any event or gathering, vastly increasing the potential performing opportunities available.

I should also mention that the more laughs a comedian can generate on a consistent basis, the more performing opportunities become available.

No matter what, all new comedians should realize that stage time is usually a scarce and precious commodity that should not be squandered.

Which leads directly into the last critical factor…

Performance To Performance Improvement

One of the things most new comedians don’t do is an objective review of their stand-up comedy performances on a regular basis, if ever.

As a matter of fact, many new comedians don’t even get an audio or video recording of their performances.

Even if they did, I can tell you with great certainty that most wouldn’t even know what to look for in the way of identifying areas in their act that need immediate attention, reword, revision or deletion.

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As I mentioned in the last section, stage time is usually a scarce and precious commodity.

So common sense would dictate that in order for a comedian to progress quickly…

They need to engage in objective and intelligent performance improvement activities after every show until they are killing audiences with consistency.

Specifically, I am talking about looking at things such as:

  • Long set-up lines
  • Punchlines that don’t work or don’t work well
  • Talking too fast

Along with a whole host of other important things every comedian who wants to develop and deliver tight, big laugh stand-up comedy material should be on the lookout for and improve upon — on a performance by performance basis.

Knowing how to review video recordings for performance improvement is a big deal for those who want to make rapid progress in stand-up comedy.

Final Thoughts

As I have said before, there is simply no way to eliminate trial and error when it comes to developing and delivering headline level stand-up comedy material.

But what I can tell you is this:

Trial and error as a new comedian can be dramatically reduced with applied knowledge — providing an individual has real comedy talent to begin with.

I will also share this one last secret with you…

Many new comedians show up at stand-up comedy open mic nights are under the impression that there is tremendous competition in stand-up comedy.

Don’t be fooled.

While there are many people who show up to perform at open mic nights…

Few will ever get past that stage in stand-up comedy, largely due to the information provided in this article and in Training Module One in the Killer Stand-up Online Course.

So no matter how people show to perform at a stand-up comedy open mic night, realize that there are plenty of opportunities to progress as a comedian if you can develop and diver big laugh stand-up comedy material consistently, whether you use the Killer Stand-up Online Course or not.

And you should be aware that the speed at which you can progress as a comedian is largely in your hands.