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Top 10 Most Popular Articles

  1. Is There Such A Thing As The Best Comedy Topics? If So, How Do I Find Them?
  2. Are you a new comedian trying to "find" the best comedy topics for a stand-up comedy routine? Before you waste your time on that sort of meaningless effort, you might want to pay close attention to the information provided in this article.

  3. What Are My Chances Of Becoming A Comedian?
  4. You actually have a great deal of control when it comes to your chances of becoming a comedian. But are you going to improve or decrease your chances of success. Believe it or not most people choose the latter and don't even know it.

  5. Am I Funny Enough For Stand-up Comedy Or Am I Just Wasting My Time?
  6. Let me answer the question now - the chances are very good that you are more than funny enough to do well as a comedian. The better question you should be asking is whether or not you are actually going to use the comedy talent you have now on stage. Hint: Most don't and fail.

  7. Yes, You Can Tell Stories As A Comedian
  8. Don't pay attention to anyone who tells you that you can't tell stories on stage as a comedian. Just look at some of the successful comedians who do. This article pinpoints some of the big advantages that come with telling stories in a stand-up comedy routine.

  9. How Many Jokes Are In A Minute Of Stand-up Comedy Material?
  10. If you want to command the stand-up comedy stage, you MUST get frequent laughs when you deliver your stand-up comedy material. This article reveals the number of jokes and punchlines needed in a stand-up comedy act to generate headline level laughs.

  11. Want To Know How Funny Your Stand-up Comedy Act Really Is?
  12. If you want to know just how funny your stand-up comedy routine really is, all you need is a smartphone and two free apps. This article describes which free apps you need to use and what you need to do to generate objective information about your act.

  13. Stand-up Comedy Tips Are NOT Enough
  14. Are you among those who believe that all it takes is few great stand-up comedy tips in order to have what you need to kill audiences nightly as a comedian? If that's the case, then you may want to start looking under your pillow every morning for Tooth Fairy money too.

  15. Comedy Timing Secrets
  16. Comedy timing is certainly an important aspect when getting laughs with a stand-up comedy act. But you may be surprised to find out that you already have most of the comedy timing you are going to have. This article explains why.

  17. Excuses Won’t Produce Big Laughs As A Comedian
  18. Need an excuse for not being able to generate the laughs you need to move forward as a comedian? Well, you are in luck because this article covers some of the most popular excuses rookie comedians use to explain away why their comedy talent isn't making audience laughs happen.

  19. Getting Your First Paid Stand-up Comedy Gig
  20. The minute you start getting paid to perform stand-up comedy, you move into the ranks of the professional entertainer. So, how do you get that first paid gig as a comedian? This article will give you a good idea about how that happens.

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