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Top 10 Most Popular Articles

  1. The Anatomy Of A Stand-up Comedy Joke
  2. stand-up comedy joke structure

    Simply knowing the parts of a joke is not much help when it comes to creating and delivering a stand-up comedy routine that generates big laughs. This article explains in detail why the "standard" information provided as actionable is really not actionable at all.

  3. 3 Signs You Should Be A Comedian
  4. signs you should be a comedian

    What are some signs that you should be a comedian? Do you have to be the "class clown"? Do you have to be an extrovert? You might be surprised to find that not only do those things NOT matter, but that there are some solid indicators revealed in this article that you should be a comedian.

  5. The Delivery Style Secret Every New Comedian Should Know
  6. stand-up comedy delivery

    How does a new comedian go about finding the very best delivery style that will help them generate the biggest laughs with their stand-up comedy material? This article reveals the most important delivery style secret every new comedian should know.

  7. Am I Funny Enough For Stand-up Comedy Or Am I Just Wasting My Time?
  8. funny enough to be a comedian

    Let me answer the question now - the chances are very good that you are more than funny enough to do well as a comedian. The better question you should be asking is whether or not you are actually going to use the comedy talent you have now on stage. Hint: Most don't and fail.

  9. Getting Your First Paid Stand-up Comedy Gig
  10. blank

    The minute you start getting paid to perform stand-up comedy, you move into the ranks of the professional entertainer. So, how do you get that first paid gig as a comedian? This article will give you a good idea about how that happens.

  11. The Truth About Set-up Lines And Punchlines
  12. write punchlines

    Most of the information that new comedians get anywhere about set-up lines and punchlines is largely WORTHLESS. Curious why I say that? This article reveals how to recognize information about set-up lines and punchlines that is merely descriptive and provides nothing else of value.

  13. Why Counting Laughs Per Minute Is Not The Best Way To Determine Comedian Performance Levels
  14. laughs per minute stand-up

    Many new comedians are under the impression that simply counting the number of laughs generated during a performance is the best indicator of how powerful their stand-up comedy act is. This article tackles the BIG problem that is associated with this type of performance assessment.

  15. Your First 5 Minutes Of Stand-up Comedy Material
  16. blank

    Your first 5 minutes of stand-up comedy material is the most important. It should be tight and generate maximum audience laughter. This article discusses what "tight" means and what you need to do to move forward quickly as a comedian when it comes to audience laughter.

  17. 5 Critical Skill Set Attributes All Comedians Must Have
  18. comedian skill set attributes

    Success as a comedian involves having a level of skill in a variety of areas in order to produce a stand-up comedy routine that generates frequent audience laughter. This article discusses 5 basic but essential skill set attributes a comedian must have to succeed.

  19. Are You Funny Enough To Be A Comedian?
  20. are you funny enough to be a comedian?

    The short answer to the question is that most people are funny enough to do well at stand-up comedy. So where's the disconnect? This article that identifies some of the primary issues that people have when it comes to being funny enough to be a comedian.

5 Stand-up Comedy Lessons - Killer Stand-up Online Course
This training module intro page provides comedy lessons on why conventional stand-up comedy writing methods don’t work.