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Top 10 Most Popular Articles

  1. 3 Signs You Should Be A Comedian
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    What are some signs that you should be a comedian? Do you have to be the "class clown"? Do you have to be an extrovert? You might be surprised to find that not only do those things NOT matter, but that there are some solid indicators revealed in this article that you should be a comedian.

  3. The Anatomy Of A Stand-up Comedy Joke
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    Simply knowing the parts of a joke is not much help when it comes to creating and delivering a stand-up comedy routine that generates big laughs. This article explains in detail why the "standard" information provided as actionable is really not actionable at all.

  5. Is There Such A Thing As The Best Comedy Topics? If So, How Do I Find Them?
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    Are you a new comedian trying to "find" the best comedy topics for a stand-up comedy routine? Before you waste your time on that sort of meaningless effort, you might want to pay close attention to the information provided in this article.

  7. Looking For Stand-up Comedy Material Examples?
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    I'm willing to bet that most people think that if only they had written examples of powerful and effective stand-up comedy routines, they would be able to uncover the real secrets they need to create a power stand-up routine. Find out why this logic is seriously flawed.

  9. The Truth About Set-up Lines And Punchlines
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    Most of the information that new comedians get anywhere about set-up lines and punchlines is largely WORTHLESS. Curious why I say that? This article reveals how to recognize information about set-up lines and punchlines that is merely descriptive and provides nothing else of value.

  11. How Many Jokes Are In A Minute Of Stand-up Comedy Material?
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    If you want to command the stand-up comedy stage, you MUST get frequent laughs when you deliver your stand-up comedy material. This article reveals the number of jokes and punchlines needed in a stand-up comedy act to generate headline level laughs.

  13. How Do I Get Discovered As A Stand-up Comedian?
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    If you want to get discovered as a comedian, there are some very specific things that you can do to get the attention you want to move forward in the world of stand-up comedy. This article identifies six areas that you need to focus on to make getting discovered a reality.

  15. Still Trying To Figure Out How To “Write” Punchlines Out Of Thin Air? Now That’s Funny…
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    Punchlines are a comedian's lifeblood. So, how do you write them? This article bluntly describes the major obstacles that can be encountered when trying to learn how to "write" punchlines for stand-up comedy material in the usual and ineffective literary fashion.

  17. Why Counting Laughs Per Minute Is Not The Best Way To Determine Comedian Performance Levels
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    Many new comedians are under the impression that simply counting the number of laughs generated during a performance is the best indicator of how powerful their stand-up comedy act is. This article tackles the BIG problem that is associated with this type of performance assessment.

  19. The Delivery Style Secret Every New Comedian Should Know
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    How does a new comedian go about finding the very best delivery style that will help them generate the biggest laughs with their stand-up comedy material? This article reveals the most important delivery style secret every new comedian should know.

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