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  • Looking For Stand-up Comedy Material Examples?Looking For Stand-up Comedy Material Examples?
    I’m willing to bet that most people think that if only they had written examples of powerful and effective stand-up comedy routines, they would be able to uncover the real secrets they need to create a power stand-up routine. Find out why this logic is seriously flawed.
  • The Delivery Style Secret Every New Comedian Should KnowThe Delivery Style Secret Every New Comedian Should Know
    How does a new comedian go about finding the very best delivery style that will help them generate the biggest laughs with their stand-up comedy material? This article reveals the most important delivery style secret every new comedian should know.
  • Three Important Issues New Comedians FaceThree Important Issues New Comedians Face
    There are 3 big issues that can trip up a new comedian who has been performing but can’t seem to generate the laughter levels they need to get ahead in the worlds of stand-up comedy. This article identifies those issues directly and asks the questions new comedians should be asking.
  • Comedy Timing SecretsComedy Timing Secrets
    Comedy timing is certainly an important aspect when getting laughs with a stand-up comedy act. But you may be surprised to find out that you already have most of the comedy timing you are going to have. This article explains why.
  • Why I Recommend New Comedians Do This First…Why I Recommend New Comedians Do This First...
    One of the things I openly recommend new comedians do is try other “popular” stand-up comedy books first — before they even take a look at why I have to offer in the way of comedy education. Why? That is the focus of this article and the reasons may just surprise you.