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hottestEver wondered what specific information on this blog other funny and talented people like yourself are looking for?

Below you will find the links to the Top 10 most popular articles right now others have been reviewing on this blog in just the last several hours (based on actual recent visitor views updated hourly).

Links to my Top Must Read Recommendations are also provided below.

Secret: There is literally a mountain of information on this blog, beyond the Top 10 most popular articles listed below. To navigate through this blog quickly to find the topics or subjects that are most important to you, simply use one of the 5 Related Articles links at the bottom of any article.

Top 10 Most Popular Articles

My Top Must Read Recommendations

Below you will find the direct links to some specific articles on this blog that I consider the top must read articles for new comedians.

While these articles don’t hit the top 10 most popular article list often, I absolutely believe that they have the potential to make a significant positive impact on how you approach your stand-up comedy endeavors.