Telepathic Laughter Doesn’t Count In Stand-up Comedy

Comedians who can’t seem to deliver an average of 18+ seconds of laughter per minute (PAR Score 30+) remind me of politicians who skirt the real issues with “spin” and sometimes shear nonsense.

They will say that stand-up comedy is subjective and can’t be measured on a “seconds of laughter per minute” basis.

It’s true that telepathic laughter cannot be measured on a minute-by-minute basis — only laughing out loud can.

I submit that any subjective attributes associated with any comedian or their material are MEANINGLESS unless that comedian is getting laughs — big laughs like so many headline comedians have demonstrated for decades.

A comedian can have a great look, the appearance of great confidence, a unique delivery “style”, and deliver the most “cutting edge” or “edgy” material on their dog’s bowel movement activities during an alien abduction, but…

If audiences aren’t laughing loudly and consistently at what that comedian has to say, that comedian is bombing or giving a lecture — whether Comedy Evaluator Pro is used or not to make that determination.

However, many comedians like to refer to this persistent “sucking” aspect of their act as their unique version of the “art” of stand-up comedy.

Unfortunately, audiences don’t appreciate stand-up comedy as an “art” form unless they are laughing out loud — no matter what a comedian is talking about or the “subjective” attributes involved (see picture above for an example of what telepathic laughter generation from an audience member looks like — it appears to be somewhat painful).

But what if you call this sort of telepathic laughter comedy alternative comedy?

This way, a comedian can talk about how their dog was sexually molested by a chipmunk during a bowel movement before it was abducted by alien space creatures.

While this may qualify as “edgy” material and potentially offensive to chipmunks…

No matter how a comedian tries to “spin” their lack of laughter generation ability or how fearless they are when it comes to bombing on stage…

Being able to generate telepathic laughter doesn’t count in stand-up comedy as “art”, no matter how a comedian tries to “spin” it.

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5 Replies to “Telepathic Laughter Doesn’t Count In Stand-up Comedy”

  1. Seems to me that calling your act “an art form” or “alternative comedy” or by any other mis-nomer is not justifying or explaining why the audience didn’t laugh; more likely it’s offering an excuse for why your “comedy” didn’t work. If we aren’t getting the laughs, shouldn’t we be looking for (and correcting) the reasons why? If we insist that this is our “style” then perhaps comedy just isn’t the right platform for our discourse. Audiences WANT you to be make them laugh — sometimes they’ve even paid for that!

  2. Regardless of your delivery or ability to hold the audience, at the end of the day that audience came there to laugh. Any great athlete is measured by their statistics and the same can be said for comedy. You want to be able to say they were laughing for a third of each minute that you performed for them. If batting average in baseball is based on ” batting 1000″ , and a guy batting .333 is almost always an All Star or household name, why would you not strive for the same in Comedy? I know I would.

  3. Wow, what a radical idea! Stand-up comedy is not a subjective thing based on my opinion. One thing and only one thing determines how successful or unsuccessful I did on stage. Laughs! It is a very objective art form. I can say people seemed to enjoy my set. But there is only one measurable way to prove their enjoyment. They laughed loud and often. The key words being: objective, measurable, and laughs.

    • The subjective part of stand-up comedy deals with the audience’s acceptance (or rejection) of what you have to say. But you have hit the nose on the head in your comment — actual audience laughter generation as a comedian is not only objective, but measurable as well. Great comment!

      • dear, steve love your stuff, Simply,.. because I don’t smell any BS Hope the Killer course keeps up the high standard…So I’am signing up today