Easily Produce Mounds Of Stand-up Material In 30 Days

What I am about to share with you in this article is about how you can easily have more solid stand-up material to work with in 30 days than you can use for the rest of the year.

And when I am referring to stand-up material, I am not just talking about for comedians — I am also talking about the ability to generate comedy material and ideas for virtually any public speaking environment.

But there are some stipulations for effectively using the information that follows, the most important of which is this:

If you are unable to embrace the observable fact that you have already been generating and delivering powerful and personalized stand-up material every time you have made a comment, suggestion, or remark that made others laugh — then you need to stop now and look for other resources because…

Well, you may have already succumbed to the “I need to [insert some writing related time waster that will cause you to suck here]”, That’s ok — your time is yours to waste as you please.

And when you get that “deer in the headlights” response from your audience because you tried to “write” your comedy material using the “sage advice” from experts who really don’t know the difference between spoken word comedy and a toenail clipping — please note that I tried to make you aware of the high possibility of flopping in a world where the info that they provide ensures flopping from the onset..

Most any conventionally trained comedy “guru” will gladly take you in and make sure that whatever observable common sense you may have now is promptly removed from your system.

And just remember this: They almost always offer a second helping of the educational offering THAT DID NOT work the first time — but now you can do it all over again at a 50% discount!

For those who desire this most common and difficult path, we wish you the best of luck!

For those who do have the common sense to understand that there was not a single “writing” incident that ever caused you to be funny in everyday life — you are about to learn how to have more ready to harvest comedy material than you can use.

Not only that, but the comedy material that I am about to identify that is available to you regularly can be readily used and adapted for use for virtually any speaking engagement.

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First, you might want to carefully review one of the most important (and FREE) instructional documents that I have ever produced that will help you understand what you need to know about you and why you need to start paying close attention to the comedy material that you have already been producing without even knowing about it:

Special Report: What No One Else Will Tell You

Once you have viewed that Special Report, then you should be able to very easily understand that:

You have already been producing “stand-up comedy material” on the fly every time you open your mouth and express something that causes others to genuinely laugh.

Every time your friends, family, coworkers, associates and strangers that you come in contact with and they use their sense of humor — well, they are unconsciously producing their own personalized stand-up material as well.

In both of theses instances, there will be a portion of the comedy material produced (regardless of the source of the material) that will be the most suitable and have the greatest laughter impact for general audiences of stranger — whether it be on the stand-up comedy stage or for a speech or presentation.

Again, you really need to pay attention to what’s in that Special Report because all the potential comedy material that you generate and/or will be exposed to in a month can not only be noteworthy, but has also been tested to work (generate laughter) on the smallest unsuspecting audience possible .

Once you know that what you do naturally and organically to cause others to laugh is your own personalized brand of stand-up, it literally opens up a realm of real world comedy that happens literally every day — some of which will be ideal for any type of spoken word comedy application.

It puts you in a great position to simply pick and choose what you believe to be appropriate for and appreciated by the audience for which the material is intended.

And you don’t have to deal with that whole trying to pull comedy ideas out of your rear end using some writing process that has absolutely nothing to do with your sense of humor or how you express it to get laughs in everyday life.

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Best of all: It doesn’t cost a dime to pay close attention to what’s happening in the world around you and use the powerful (and tested) comedy material that you are able to extract to your immediate advantage.

So just to be clear, you need to:

  • Carefully consume the information provided in the Special Report (the link is also in the site navigation above).
  • Spend the next 30 days observing and collecting the comedy events and situations that happen around you. It shouldn’t take you long to make a note of the amount of material you are gathering.
  • At the end of 30 days, examine what you have collected and select the absolute best material and ideas for a stand-up routine or an injection of comedy in a speech or presentation.

Bonus Content

Common sense would dictate that if one is able to harvest comedy material from casual conversations, then that same comedy material could also be tested in other casual conversations to make sure it retains its comedic power with a different audience.

In case you missed it, there is special free access to content (usually membership required) in the Special Report that will provide you with some important guidelines when it comes to selecting the best of the comedy material that you collect for use with general audiences.

So, how many places will you go in the next 30-90 days where there are a group of people that your collected comedy material can be tested on conversationally?

Do you and others around you ever use your sense of humor:

  • At work?
  • At home?
  • At play?
  • Basically, everywhere you go?

For those who are able to understand that the comedy that happens in everyday conversations and situations IS stand-up comedy — it can truly a game changer for those who wish to capitalize on their skills professionally.

Not only that, it will only take a short amount of time to literally have more usual comedy material than you will have time in front of an assembled audience of strangers to use it.

But you do have to trust that the stand-up comedy that you generate naturally in conversations is just as important as comedy generated from a stage. That alone can give you a tremendous advantage.

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