The Importance Of Plausibility In Stand-up Comedy Material

While it is universally accepted that all comedy material is based in truth to varying degrees…

When it comes to stand-up comedy material (or sketch comedy material for that matter), plausibility is far more important than the degree of truth contained within a comedian’s stand-up comedy material.

Plausibility: Seemingly or apparently valid, likely, or acceptable; credible

It is plausibility that allows a comedian to use their sense of humor, unique point of view and imagination in order to effectively generate laughs in their stand-up comedy material — even if their comedy material contains minimal “truth”.

Below is a YouTube video that I produced that illustrates plausibility as it relates to comedy material.

Note: While the content of the video is not stand-up comedy material per se (more along the lines of sketch comedy), the concept of plausibility and its impact remains exactly the same.

As comedian, here’s what you need to know about the importance of plausibility as it relates to stand-up comedy material:

1. Whether your stand-up comedy material is plausible or not is largely dependent upon the degree of genuineness used to express that material — NEVER solely from mere words written on paper.

2. Genuineness, which has a direct impact on plausibility, is primarily influenced by natural body language, facial expressions and voice tone variations.

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In other words, if these aspects are not in alignment with the words being spoken, genuineness is lost and the audience will easily surmise on a conscious and subconscious level that they are simply being “joked”.

One of the reasons many comedians struggle with their stand-up comedy material is because they try to “fabricate” or “write” funny instead of structuring their own perspectives and points of view for the stand-up comedy stage.

When they do that, genuineness is lost almost immediately. When genuineness is lost, so is plausibility. The result? Little to no audience laughter.

Note: An individual CANNOT “write” their way to having comedy talent or genuineness on stage.

Whether or not your stand-up comedy material is 100% truthful or 0% truthful does not matter.

But plausibility and the appearance of genuineness ALWAYS matter if you want to get the big laughs on the stand-up comedy stage.

That’s just one of the reasons that the Killer Stand-up Online Course smokes anything on the market when it comes to learning how to develop and deliver stand-up comedy material that actually works on stage — provided an individual actually has real comedy talent to begin with.

The bottom line: plausibility matters greatly in any kind of comedy, whether it be stand-up comedy, sketch comedy, or presentation humor.

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6 Replies to “The Importance Of Plausibility In Stand-up Comedy Material”

  1. I tried a new set today with our local Kiwanis Club. The topic was raising four daughters. While I took liberties to “enhance” the facts, because every parent in the room knew the content was plausible, I got the best laughs I have ever received. Killer Stand Up is a difference maker.

  2. Plausibility is sooooo important. The funny thing is that people with a natural comedy talent will never run into this problem since they instinctively know that if it is not plausible it would not be fun. Rarely are things that are not plausible funny.

  3. Never let the truth interfere with a good story. Humor is truth which is many times painful regardless of its plausibility. Credibility/genuineness overcomes the implausible. Rock, Paper, Scissors.